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Vision 2021

Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond

Hyundai Motor Group established a new vision, “Together for a better future.” in order to fulfill its role and responsibility as a trusted global firm. Hyundai Motor Company defined its vision of being a “Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond” to come one step closer to its customers and become their beloved brand. A car is no longer simply a means of transportation that links people to people; it has become a life space that occupies a central role in people’s lives. As such, Hyundai Motor Company seeks to become a lifetime partner in the everyday lives of customers. At this very moment, It is developing eco-friendly and human-oriented technologies for the future and setting up optimized global management systems in order to provide the best experience to its customers.

Bring a new
to automobiles
technologies and
  • Bring a new perspective to automobiles

    We want to expand the concept of the automobile from the simple means of transportation that it is now, to a new space that connects people to their families, work, and society. By transforming the automobile into a happy space that people can rely on anywhere and at any time, we aim to add new value to the traditional car.

  • Innovative mobility solutions

    We will deliver greater benefits and value to our customers by securing cost competitiveness in the global market. From product development to after-sales service, we will ensure that every process related to the automobile is in line with providing the ultimate customer experience.

  • Human-centric, eco-friendly technologies and services

    Our automotive business will bring to life the stability and convenience that comes with innovative technologies. In addition, we will continue to realize sustainable management by ceaselessly developing new technologies that aim to enhance energy efficiency. We will also expand our service from manufacturing finished cars to all things related to the automobile-including raw materials, auto parts, financing, used cars and recycling. We will also utilize cutting-edge IT technology to maximize connectivity with our customers.