The World Rally Championship
i20 rally
Why rallying?
Closer to fans than any other top level motorsport, rallying sees cars based on production models competing on roads of gravel, tarmac, snow and ice. With 13 events around the world visiting the mountains around Monte-Carlo, the plains of Argentina, the vineyards of Germany and the forests of Wales and Finland, the WRC delivers equal measures of excitement, challenge, passion and performance.
The two faces of the i20
Hyundai has chosen the i20 as a base for its WRC model. This is an affordable production car with high-build quality and modern design, and is ideal for everyday use. The hand-built i20 WRC is a bespoke, ultra-performance competition car that is based on the popular production vehicle, but stripped out, strengthened and tuned extensively in all areas.
Hyundai Motorsport
The project is led by Hyundai Motorsport, a new center of excellence for performance engineering in the Hyundai family. Born at the start of 2013 and based in Alzenau, Germany, Hyundai Motorsport was set up to develop a long term motorsport program that demonstrates the emotion and engineering excellence that Hyundai puts into its cars.