Dare to be different.

Sometimes the best moments are the ones where the world doesn’t shape us – but we shape it. Bending
and pushing the envelope to suit our own sense of style. Embracing who we are. There’s a freedom to that
movement. Its not just getting there, it’s how we feel on the way. Laughing. Shouting. Smiling. Daring to be
different. Like the all-new KONA. You drive it. You define it.

Check out the world of KONA.


You style it.

Get used to that noise. It’s the sound of heads turning – of
pictures being taken. Real style is a matter of being yourself on purpose.
Truly unique – like the all-new KONA. Designed to create desire. With
a body language that is sleekly harmonious inside – and on
the outside, surprises with expressive lines and a stylish
edge that truly sets it apart from everything in
its segment. Dare to make noise.


You push it.

You are the driver of your life. So step on it and see how that feels.
Nice. Lead with pride and get there with a big grin on you
face. The all-new KONA delivers an impressive 177 HP and
available 4x4 performance that will move you.

You power it.

Following the road is one thing. Bending it to suit yourself is
another challenge all together. Explore your limits.


You express it.

Stay online in the city or get offline, go off-road and crank the music all the way up. The premium sound
system delivers stellar sound performance so you can rock it wherever you’re headed. And no matter
how you choose to explore what drives you, the all-new KONA provides you with the seamless
connectivity you expect and innovative tech that makes life easier like a heads-up-display, Apple
CarPlay* and Android Auto*. Express yourself.

you connect it