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  • 3.8-ℓ V6 engine with 303 horsepower

    The engine delivers high horsepower of 303ps, offering true sporty driving experience.

  • Equipped with Brembo's oversized calipers and discs

    The Genesis Coupe comes up with "Brembo" calipers and discs, the world's best brake system maker, offering the highest level of safety.

  • Equipped with 6-speed transmission of ZF

    Genesis Coupe comes up with ZF automatic transmission, a 100 year-old German transmission maker, offering higher gas mileage and performance.

  • EXTERIOR- HID headlamps
    - Mirror turn signals
  • INTERIOR- Interior colour package
    - Dual cylinder-type instrument cluster
    - Fingertip controls
    - Bucket seats to suit you
  • PERFORMANCE- Lambda 3.8 MPi
    - Transmission
    - Rear-wheel drive
  • SAFETY- Electronic Stability Control(ESC)
    - The best of brakes
    - Limited-slip differential

    - Automatic air conditioning
    - Parking sensors
    - In-car entertainment

    iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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Sleek, strong and
ready for action.

Elegance and prestige merged brilliantly with overwhelming power.
It's the ultimate automotive wish list, not just for a near-luxury
car but for any red-blooded car buyer. The Genesis Coupe is
an expression of Hyundai's dream, technology and potential.

  • HID headlamps High intensity discharge head lamps have greater forward projection and broader lateral illumination than traditional lamps. They also consume less power and last longer.

  • Mirror turn signals A series of lamps built into the front of each exterior mirror cover acts as an additional safety aid when manoeuvring the car.

  • Safety power sunroof
    Sunshine, good times and fresh air, the glass, tilting sunroof fits perfectly to good weather driving enjoyment.

  • 19" Alloy wheel
    A hyper-silver finish distinguishes the larger 19" light aluminium alloy wheel, which has rim sizes of 8.0J (front) and 8.5J (rear).

  • 18" Alloy wheel
    The standard 18" light aluminium alloy wheel has rim sizes of 7.5J at the front and 8.0J at the rear.

  • Chrome-coated pedals
    For better driver comfort and feel, organ type pedals have been implemented.


Style that promises
driving pleasure

Pause for a moment to admire the interior's

sharp, modern styling. Feel the surfaces of  
the component materials. Notice how beautifully
they are fitted together.
This is the world of the Genesis Coupe.

  • Dual cylinder-type instrument cluster It's a daily reminder that this car combines high-performance energy with refined good taste.

  • Bucket seats to suit you The fully adjustable front bucket seats are shaped to hold the occupants in place when cornering generates strong lateral forces. The seats and other parts of the interior are available in a number of colours and materials, which include leather and fabrics.

  • Power window switch
    One touch auto up & down power mirrors have been adopted for both windows enhancing convenience.

  • Cupholder & ashtray
    Positioned in the centre, the dual cup holder is adjustable for various cup sizes and is easy to reach.


The balance of power

There can be no compromises when the aim is to achieve high
performance driving satisfaction. In this pursuit of perfection, Hyundai
engineers created a superlative specification for the Genesis Coupe.

  • Lambda 3.8 MPi Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 3,778 cc
    Max. Power : 303ps / 6,300rpm
    Max. Torque : 36.8kg·m / 4,700rpm

    There can be no compromises when the aim is to achieve high performance driving satisfaction. In this pursuit of perfection, Hyundai engineers created a superlative specification for the Genesis Coupe. Take a closer look. Its potent engines require traction, braking, road holding and handling of the type necessary on a racing car.

    Theta 2.0 MPi
    Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 1,998 cc
    Max. Power : 210ps / 6,000rpm
    Max. Torque :

                                                          30.5kg·m / 2,000rpm

  • Six-speed automatic
    The H-matic in sports mode guarantees driving fun for buyers of the Lambda V6 version who prefer automatic transmission. The gear shift is located close to the driver’s hand for slick changes and easy handling.


    Six-speed manual
    The standard manual transmission for both the V6 and the 2ℓ turbo is a six-speeder  
    equipped with softer and smoother shift feeling for high performance.

  • Rear-wheel drive
    The all-new chassis of the Genesis Coupe locates the engine between the front wheels, but it drives the rear wheels via the transmission, prop shaft and limited slip diff. The layout produces an ideal front/rear weight distribution for this type of vehicle of 55/45 percent.


Confronting the laws
of physics

The rigid safety cell around the passengers, the crumple
zones, the stiffened side beams and the six airbags
help protect the occupants in worst possible scenarios.

  • Electronic Stability Control(ESC)
    Slippery road surfaces and generous power outputs are not the two opposing forces they once were thanks to the sophisticated wizardry of ESC, or electronic stability control. ESC keeps the car on line in a corner by simultaneously applying the brakes or reducing power to individual wheels.

  • The best of brakes
    A high performance car like the Genesis Coupe needs high performance braking ability. This car has it. The all-disc brakes are ventilated at the front and equipped with ABS, or electronic anti locking system.

  • Limited-slip differential Under wheel-spinning acceleration or on slippery surfaces, an optional Torsen limited-slip differential divides the engine output evenly between the driven wheels for maximum grip and directional stability. The unit gets its name from its TORque-SENsing ability.

  • Safety sense
    The car’s front engine/rear-drive layout and low centre of gravity aid balance and handling at high speed. The six airbags are ever-ready in case of an accident. So, too, are strengthened side beams in the doors.

  • Active headrest
    Whiplash injury is a common outcome for anyone whose car is rear-ended. The risk is reduced in the Genesis Coupe, whose front head restraints automatically adjust to reduce the gap to the occupant’s head


Convenience features

Among its many comfort and convenience features are a
built-in port for an MP3 player, an impressive sound system.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Automatic air conditioning With the fully automatic air conditioning, simply set the temperature and the system will perform its tasks whatever the weather conditions outside.
  • Parking sensors Distance sensors are embedded into the rear bumper. They produce a warning sound for the driver if the car becomes close to a hidden obstruction.

    In-car entertainment The base models feature top-quality audio systems complete with an AM/FM radio, MP3 player facility, a compact disc player and six speakers. Opt for the 360-watt Infinity System and you get an AM/FM radio, MP3 player and a six-disc CD changer with eight speakers in eight locations.

  • AUX, USB and iPod terminal
    This auxiliary input allows you to access the sound system for your personal stereo and USB equipped devices.

    iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Engine start button
    Smart key is applied as optional for customer’s convenience and luxurious feeling.

  • Smart key holder

  • Fingertip controls
    As an added safety feature, there are fingertip controls on the steering wheel for the audio system and the cruise control.

  • Multi-function display
    An electronic read-out provides information about the audio system, time, climate control settings and temperatures inside and outside the car.

  • Manual air conditioning
    The performance of the standard air conditioning system is similar to that of the fully automatic version but requires manual adjustments for temperature and fan settings and air flow directions.


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