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  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_01
    Designed for the Brazilian hearts

    Uniquely Brazilian and with Hyundai’s fluidic sculptural grace. The result is modern, sporty and striking.

  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_02
    Unrivaled performance and efficiency

    Two highly efficient engines double the power for the next generation. Such numerous engine technologies as CVVT and DOHC to name a few deliver a different sort of drive.

  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_03
    As practical and economical as can be

    Whether you're talking about fuel or luggage space, you get more bang for your buck than ever. Enjoy 300 to 900ℓ of luggage space depending on how you configure the rear seats. And fuel economy is a given.

  • back_pressExteriorGlimpses of steel and light keep the look polished.
    14’’ and 15’’ alloy wheels, a rear spoiler and LED side repeaters make sure you travel right.
  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_05InteriorPlenty of room for everything from your dashboard favorites to extra luggage. The supervision cluster keeps you in check and multifunction steering keeps your hands on the wheel during multi-tasks.
  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_06PerformanceAn efficient 1.0ℓ Kappa engine delivers 80ps at 6,200rpm / 10.2kg·m at 4,500rpm while a powerful
    1.6ℓ Gamma engine produces 128ps at 6,000rpm / 16.5kg·m at 5,000rpm. In other words, the HB20 is a power ride.
  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_07SafetyThe safety system was designed with you and your needs in mind. Dual airbags are a given. Features including the Rear Parking Assist System, ABS and volumetric alarm system offer you the help you didn’t know you needed.
  • img_pip_hb20_highlights_08ConvenienceThe HB20 does more so you can do less. With the remote key feature, air conditioning and power steering, you’ll get to your destination as cool and relaxed as can be.
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With HB20 in your life, your
everyday becomes an excitement

Sensuality and sportsmanship meet a flowing sort of grace. Elongated headlights and an
aggressive fender in the front grab your attention. A voluminous profile and high
beltline keep you intrigued. What an exciting look!

Black on aluminum brings a sophisticatedly sporty vibe to the fluidic sculpture headlamps. Of course, the attitude continues in the back, with notice-me taillights.

Outside mirror repeater
Like a futuristic adornment that ends up taking over the whole show, the side repeaters enhance the HB20’s safety and sense of style.

The practicality you have
always been wanted

When we say the HB20 is like no other, we mean it literally. Not to mention its sheer practicality,
various innovative features meld with beauty, front to back.

Rear combination lamp
Rear combination lamps make sure you’re seen, and not just because of the light. With stylish illuminators like these, the HB20 turns heads night and day.

HB20 cares you as you
care your family

Wherever you go and whatever you do, feel safe and secured
because HB20 takes care of you.

Black side garnish
A black side garnish offers a streamlined, clean frame that ups the sportiness while enhancing the profile.

  • 15" S-wing
  • 14" Octus
  • 14" Seoul
    (Wheel cover)

Stylish 14" and 15" aluminum wheels
No, all wheels are not the same, and you get to take your pick. Options include sporty 14" steel wheels and wider 15" aluminum alloy wheels.
Wheel and tire configuration may differ depending on trim levels.
Please contact your local Hyundai dealer.

  • Flex-fuel emblem
    The HB20 runs on both E22 gasoline and E100 ethanol. You’ll find a dedicated Flex badge on the right side of the trunk lid.

  • Micro antenna
    A micro antenna offers a concise and efficient touch on the roof, and macro connectivity.

  • Fog lamp
    Stylishly located fog lamps light the way when you need it. HB20’s fog lamps offer better visibility when it rains, snows and there are fogs ahead of you.

  • Hidden washer nozzle
    A hidden washer nozzle gets the job done without ruining the visuals.


Comfort and sophistication

Everything you want within reach, all the info you need in a glance. That’s what you can enjoy while riding in the HB20. Perfect ergonomics, top-quality material and all the comforts you need guarantee a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience.

Practicality and generous space
Plenty of room for everyone. The seats can accommodate up to 5 adults, and the automatic models come with a supportive armrest for the driver. A harmony between texture, tone and panel makes for a pleasant interior climate.

Audio system
The HB20’s sophisticated audio system plays MP3 files and CDs. Designed to look sleek and inviting, it completes the premium interior design in addition to filling the car with your favorite tunes.

Available in Comfort Style or higher models.

Cluster ionizer and air conditioner
A cluster ionizer and air conditioning keep things fresh and are easy to use. Just turn the dials and set them to the levels you want. Highly visible back-lighting enhances this striking feature.

Large trunk space
As if 300ℓ of trunk space weren’t enough, you get 900ℓ if you consider the recessed seats. Hooks at the corners let you arrange the space the way you want.

  • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
    The leather-upholstered steering wheel is comfortable to the touch and adjustable in height and width to suit you right.

  • Metal finishing
    Details including metal finishing, air vents, the steering wheel and door handles convey luxury and sophistication.

  • Under-seat storage compartment
    Tons of space where you can see it and even where you can’t. Store maps, flashlights and more under seats and in various nooks and crannies.

  • AUX and iPod® connectivity
    No need to worry about being disconnected on the road. AUX and iPod connectivity make sure you stay networked. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Sunglass case
    No more fishing around for lost sunglasses. Just pop open the sunglass case and you’re all set.


Unrivaled performance
and fuel economy

The HB20’s two engines boast improved performance and fuel economy thanks to the newly developed aluminum engine block and CVVT technology (Continuous Variable Valve Timing), which optimizes the air-fuel mixture both in low and high rpm situations.
Plus, the DOHC (Double Over-Head Cam) and 4 valves per cylinder help the engines produce even more power.
The result is an excellent, powerful engine and more kilometers per liter in the city and on the highway to meet your needs.
1.0 Kappa engine (12V)
1.6 Gamma engine (16V)
4-speed automatic transmission HB20’s 4-speed automatic transmission will deliver as sporty and responsive driving sensation as the manual transmission.
Here are the comforts of automatic transmission. Sit back and relax – you’re in for a powerful ride.
Available with 1.6ℓ Flex models.
5-speed manual transmission The highly efficient 5-speed manual transmission is available with all trims. That fact that it’s in the most fuel-efficient part of the power band means you can expect increased fuel economy and high performance.
Like to have control over your vehicle? Then the HB20 is for you.


Non-negotiable safety: dual airbag

Dual airbags are a standard safety feature in all HB20s, making sure everyone in the front is covered. The rear parking assist system helps you out when you’re backing up. With sensors like these, you can stop second guessing your parking skills.

Rear Parking Assist System
Back up and rest assured that if something’s in the way, the HB20 will tell you. Feel extra good about knowing that features like these are usually options for more expensive models.

Available with 1.6 Premium models.

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
With the Anti-lock Brake System, you
don’t have to worry about your brakes
locking at high speeds. You can also
enjoy better braking on slippery and
icy roads. Touches like these put your
safety first.

  • Rear reflector
    Highly visible reflectors on both sides of the rear bumper make sure you’re noticed.

  • Pre-tensioner
    When the HB20 senses front impact, this standard feature reduces the gap between you and the seatbelt.

  • Burglar alarm
    If the computer detects a change in volume inside the cabin, it sounds an alarm to protect your vehicle from burglary.


All the features you will ever need

We live in an age where we want what we want, when we want it. With plenty of storage space, clever storage options and countless convenient touches, the HB20 lets you have your way, wherever you’re headed.

Multi-functional steering wheel
There’s a lot to turn on, turn off and adjust when you’re at the helm.
That’s why we’ve put your key buttons within thumbs’ reach. Be it volume control or mode changes, adjust away.
  • Volume control buttons

    Too loud, too soft – it’s all relative, we know. Make adjustments whenever you need without taking your hands off the wheel.

  • Mode control buttons

    Switching modes has never been easier. Jump from CD mode to iPod mode or the radio, for example, and give in to your driving whims.

Folding remote key and auto-locking system
A convenient remote key lets you lock and unlock your car with just the touch of a button.
The automatic perks continue when the HB20 locks all doors once it hits 15km/h. And in the event of a collision, the doors unlock to ensure easy exit.

Available with Comfort Plus and higher models.

Power steering (hydraulic)
Power steering gives you the boost you need to ensure smooth steering. With help like this, you’ll step out of your car ready to take on whatever awaits at your destination.

Electric windows and side mirror
With electric windows all around, an automatic driver’s window and side mirrors that can be adjusted electronically, you barely have to lift a finger.

Trip computer
A trip computer in the onboard information display
provides useful information on everything from
average fuel consumption to gear position.

  • Magazine pocket
    Take your favorite magazines and books on the road. With a pocket for your reading material, you won’t have to worry about clutter.

  • Bottle holder
    We all have things we need to keep at our sides, like water bottles and maps. The HB20 has designated spaces for your everyday needs.

  • Sun-visor with mirror
    Too bright out? Need to touch up your lipstick? Lower the sun-visor with mirror and get some face time in the shade.

  • Foot rest
    We know how it feels to have your feet on the pedal for hours on end. Go ahead, that’s what the foot rests are for.

  • Driver seat height adjustment
    Adjust the driver’s seat to make sure you’re completely at ease behind the wheel.


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