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  • Comfort and safety
  • Better driving dynamics
  • Tons of space and practicality


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It's truly modern, sporty and bold. And it lets you sparkle all the way turning heads
with the instant eye catching charm.


Fluidic sculpture design, together with a sporty and modern styling makes i10 effortlessly good looking. Its bold appeal is emphasized with the front fog lamps with LED daytime running lights (DRL).

  • Simply clever,
    Stylishly energetic
  • Space, Beyond your

The new generation i10 is the best compact car that experienced
various driving conditions and roads throughout Europe.

Edirne 1 Edirne 2 HAOS Plant 1 (Izmit) HAOS Plant 2 (Izmit)
    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Sofia) Ind Commerce Hyundai Service (Sofia)
      Thessaloniki Square Ataturk’s birth place
        Arch of Triumph (Bucharest) The People’s House (Bucharest)
          Macedonia Gate (Skopje) Monumental buildings (Skopje)
            Hram Svetog Save (Belgrad) New Railroad Bridge (Belgrad)
              UFO Tower (Bratislava)
                Cafe Gerbeau (Budapest) Freedom Bridge (Budapest)
                  St. Stephens Cathedral (Zagreb)
                    Street of the New Town (Warsaw)
                      HMMC (Nosovice) Freedom Bridge (Prague) Under Freedom Bridge (Prague)
                        Alps Around Vienna
                          Academic Philharmonicorum (Ljubljana) Bazaar (Ljubljana)
                            A house (Frankfurt) Frankfurt to Berlin Autobahn HME HQ (Offenbach) Hyundai Service (Offenbach)

                              Luggage space

                              Generous space to accommodate whatever you need to carry. Along with the class-leading cabin space, i10 boasts the roomiest boot in its class. The luggage capacity of 252 liters expands to a whopping 1,046 liters when the rear seats are folded down.

                              highlight_luggage1 highlight_luggage2 highlight_luggage3

                              Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

                              Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is one of the many big car features i10 has as standard. The system will warn you when the tires are under-inflated to prevent any problems.


                              INSPIRED BY PASSION
                              Passion on wheels, every mile of the journey.
                              • exterior_car_front
                                moreRadiator grille
                                moreFront fog lamps with LED
                                daytime running lights (DRL)
                                • Headlamps The way shoes complete an outfit, i10's clear-type headlamps in the aero-dynamically designed front bumper round out the vehicle's clean and chic look.
                                • exterior_front_sub2
                                  Radiator grille From the moment you encounter i10, its hexagonal radiator grille communicates strong, reliable and yet progressive style.
                                • Front fog lamps with LED
                                  daytime running lights (DRL)
                                  Be reassured - front fog lamps with LED daytime running lights (DRL) will make sure you're seen. The stylish lights also add an up-market touch.
                              • exterior_car_side
                                moreOutside mirror repeaters
                                • exterior_side_sub1
                                  Sunroof There's nothing like driving with the sunroof open. Add to your good times with a blast of sky and wind.
                                • exterior_side_sub2
                                  Outside mirror repeaters Elegant outside mirror repeaters help you change lanes safely and in style. And the vehicles in front of you will definitely notice.
                                • exterior_side_sub3
                                  Wheels Dynamic is the look of i10, with elegantly sporty wheels that give you a sturdy street grip. 15" alloy wheel, which is offered with Premium package, gives i10 more dynamic look and performance.
                              • exterior_car_rear
                                moreRear combination
                                moreHigh-mounted stop lamp (HMSL)
                                • exterior_rear_sub1_on
                                  Rear combination lamps Get noticed from every angle with rear combination lamps that bring you both sophisticated design and outstanding visibility.
                                • exterior_rear_sub2
                                  High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) Style you can't ignore. The high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) makes sure drivers behind notice when you brake.

                              • Rear fog lamps
                                Light the way for those behind you with rear fog lamps that minimize eyestrain in fog and mist.

                              • Roof antenna
                                Both practical and decorative, the roof antenna adds to the sleek and sporty attitude.

                              • Rear wiper
                                Stay put and let the rear wipers do the work in bad weather.

                              • Door garnish molding
                                i10 is all about the details. Just reach for the door and you'll see door garnish molding that underscores i10's bold charm.

                              • Chrome-coated outside handles
                                Chicness you can hold. Chrome-coated outside door handles look and feel great to the touch.
                              SPECTACULARLY SPACIOUS
                              Longer and wider than its predecessor, i10 welcomes you,
                              your passengers and everyone's luggage.
                              Seat color
                              • Beige
                              • Blue
                              • Orange
                              • Red
                              • Fabric
                              • Fabric
                              • Fabric
                              • Fabric
                              • Artificial leather
                              • Seat materials
                              Interior color packages

                              Seats that come in four colors and a stylish design let you express your décor style.

                              Cluster with TFT LCD

                              Stay aware of all indicators - everything from your speed to brake oil level - with a cluster with TFT LCD screen.

                              Manual tilt power steering wheel

                              You'll spend a lot of time steering, so get the angle of the wheel just right with the manual tilt function.

                              Front seat warmer

                              Keep your bottom toasty with seat warmers that come with individual heating controls - each with three intensity settings - in the front seats.


                              • Storage system (glove box)
                                No more shuffling around in the dark. A lighted glove box shows you what you're looking for.

                              • Luggage lamp
                                Who says the trunk needs to stay dark? Luggage lamps automatically turn on when the tailgate opens.

                              • Storage system (cup holder)
                                Take your coffee or other favorite beverage to go with two cup holders in varying sizes.

                              • Sun visors
                                Say goodbye to squinting. Sun visors block direct sunlight from your face while the optionally attached mirrors keep you looking your best.

                              • Storage system (bottle holder)
                                If you like to stay hydrated, take your water bottles with you and store them in the 2 front door pockets (1 liter each) and 2 rear door pockets (0.5 liter each).

                              • Dash-top docking system
                                Smartphone docking station safely holds your smartphone while charging the battery and is in a perfect position for using the phone as a navigation and playing your favorite music. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc.
                              A PLEASURE TO DRIVE
                              We’ve developed optimized suspension front axle geometry that delivers enhanced steering precision and feedback.
                              The rear axle has also been engineered to provide superior ride and handling.
                              • 1.25 MPi
                                gasoline engine

                                The 1.25 MPi gasoline engine delivers maximum power of 87 ps at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 12.3 kg·m at 4,000 rpm. An aluminum cylinder block and head make for better fuel efficiency.

                                Max. Power
                                87 ps
                                Max. Torque
                                12.3 kg·m
                              • 1.0 MPi
                                gasoline engine

                                The 1.0 MPi gasoline engine delivers maximum power of 66 ps at 5,500 rpm and maximum torque of 9.7 kg·m at 3,500 rpm. An aluminum cylinder block and head make for better fuel efficiency.

                                Max. Power
                                66 ps
                                Max. Torque
                                9.7 kg·m
                              • 1.0 LPGi

                                The 1.0 LPGi engine delivers maximum power of 67 ps at 6,200 rpm and maximum torque of 9.2 kg·m at 3,500 rpm. An aluminum cylinder block and head make for better fuel efficiency.

                                Max. Power
                                67 ps
                                Max. Torque
                                9.2 kg·m

                              • 5-speed manual transmission
                                Get sportier control of i10 with a 5-speed manual transmission that includes a gear lever ergonomically designed for better fuel economy.

                              • 4-speed automatic transmission
                                Enjoy a comfortable and easy driving experience with efficient 4-speed automatic transmission.
                              MAKING THE CITY SAFER
                              i10 is geared towards all the twists and turns of the city but really excels on the open road.
                              • Brake assist system (BAS)

                                Need to suddenly brake hard? The standard Brake assist system (BAS) helps
                                you push the pedal as far as it'll go for increased safety.

                              • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

                                No more surprises when it comes to under-inflated tires. The Tire pressure monitoring system
                                (TPMS) keeps you in the know via sensors. Plus, this is a standard feature in i10.

                              • Hill-start assist control (HAC)

                                Take on those hills. Hill-start assist control (HAC) will keep you from rolling
                                backward on an incline.

                                standard in Premium package
                              • Static bending lights (SBL)

                                See better at literally every turn - every corner - with cornering lamps that make for safer
                                night-time driving.

                                only available in Premium trim
                              • BAS
                              • TPMS
                              • HAC
                              • SBL
                              • END
                              • Electronic stability control (ESC) and Vehicle stability management (VSM) Stay on the road with standard Vehicle stability management (VSM), which takes into account everything from the traction value of each wheel to how the body of i10 is behaving. And rest assured with the standard Electronic stability control (ESC). It'll detect when you need to brake, whether it's during sudden movements or a sharp turn. The goal is to keep you stable.
                              • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) Brake better in poor road conditions with the standard Anti-lock brake system (ABS), which constantly monitors the grips of the four wheels to keep you in control.
                              • 6-airbag system Drive knowing that your support cushions are ready to be deployed. A standard 6-airbag system is designed to protect you and your passengers in the event of impact.

                              • Seat belts
                                Even the seatbelt is adjustable for maximum comfort. Raise or lower its height to suit you just right.

                              • Emergency stop signal (ESS)
                                Communicate better with surrounding vehicles with the Emergency stop signal (ESS), which will alert them to your situation. only available in Premium trim

                              • Power window adjustment controls
                                You're the lock master of the car with electric operated windows and outside mirrors.
                              BIG TECHNOLOGY IN
                              A COMPACT PACKAGE
                              Whatever the length of your journey, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail that’s evident inside i10.
                              • Steering wheel remote controls A multi-function 3-spoke steering wheel with ergonomically positioned buttons lets you control your audio, phone and auto cruise systems without taking your hands off the wheel. Add a heated steering wheel and manual tilt, and steering never looked so easy.
                                Audio remote
                                Auto cruise
                                Phone controls &
                                Hands-free controls
                                Trip computer controls
                              • Rear parking assist system (RPAS) Let the Rear parking assist system (RPAS) tell you when to stop while backing up. Four sensors in the rear bumper can detect objects you can't. Depending on the region, there may be some differences.
                              • Audio system (Radio / MP3 / CD) Don't limit your choices. Choose from the radio, MP3 player, CD player, USB or AUX entry via a Bluetooth-equipped audio system that lets you listen to what you want.
                              • Luggage i10 offers an impressive 252 liters of luggage room with the rear seats in place. Fold them down, and it delivers an incredible space of 1,046 liters.
                              • Full auto air conditioning system You won't break a sweat with an advanced and full auto air conditioning system. Just set the temperature you want and cool off.

                              • Smart key
                                Ends fumbling for misplaced keys. If the key is with you, the doors unlock and the engine starts at the touch of a button.

                              • Connectivity (USB and AUX)
                                USB and AUX connectivity, which comes standard with radio, let you take unlimited entertainment on the road. Just plug in your USB and enjoy. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

                              • Engine start / stop button
                                Another up-market feature of i10 is the engine start / stop button. Get into the car and start and stop the engine, all with just the touch of a button.


                              Choose a Trim
                              Overview Category
                              Product Label
                              Model Name
                              * Price
                              Fuel Cell Power Output
                              Power Storage
                              Li-ion Battery Output
                              Engine Engine Label  
                              Displacement (cc)
                              Max. Speed (kph)
                              Max. Power Label (ps / rpm) /
                              Max. Torque Label (kg·m / rpm) /
                              Max. Output (kW)
                              Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (sec)
                              Braking Distance (m)
                              Number of Cylinders
                              Valves of Cylinder
                              Bore Stroke
                              Compression Ratio
                              Transmission Transmission Type  Speed  
                              Suspension Front
                              Steering Wheel System
                              Lock to Lock Turns
                              Turning Circle
                              Brake System
                              Brake Assist
                              Off Road Ability Approach Angle
                              Departure Angle
                              Ramp Over Brake Angle
                              Minimum Ground Clearance
                              Fuel Consumption Fuel Type
                              Fuel Consumption
                              (Urban / City) (liter / 100km)
                              Fuel Consumption
                              (Extra Urban / Highway) (liter / 100km)
                              Fuel Consumption
                              (Combined) (liter / 100km)
                              CO2 Emission
                              (Combined) (g/km)
                              Fuel Tank Capacity (liter)
                              Exterior Overall Length (mm)
                              Overall Width (mm)
                              Overall Height (mm)
                              Wheel Base (mm)
                              Front Wheel Tread (mm)
                              Rear Wheel Tread (mm)
                              Front Over Hang (mm)
                              Rear Over Hang (mm)
                              Cargo Cargo Area (VDA; liter)
                              Weight Curb Weight(Lightest) (kg)
                              Curb Weight(Heaviest) (kg)
                              Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)
                              Wheels & Tires Front Wheels
                              Rear Wheels
                              Front Tires
                              Rear Tires
                              Tire labelling grade Fuel Efficiency
                              Wet Grip
                              External Rolling Noise
                              Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.
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