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Santa Fe
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  • Safety approved by EURO NCAP

    The Santa Fe was awarded the maximum five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, a European independent vehicle safety organization in its rigorous crash-test assessment program.


  • 'SUV of the year 2011' in India

    Santa Fe was awarded the 'Import SUV of the year' by CNBC TV18 overdrive awards 2011.


  • Various seating options

    Drivers can use the interior space more practically using the seat variation feature.


  • EXTERIOR- Xenon headlamps & washer jets
    - Rear combination lamps
    - Stylish side repeaters
    - Sun roof
  • INTERIOR- Interior colour package
    - Seat variation
    - 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat
  • PERFORMANCE- Theta 2.4 MPi
    - Transmission
    - Full-time 4WD system
    - Front and rear suspension
    - Organ-type accelerator pedal
  • SAFETY- Electronic Stability Control(ESC)
    - Advanced airbag technology
    - Disc brakes
    - Rollover sensor

    - Super-vision cluster & shift indicator
    - Fully automatic air conditioner
    - Rearview camera display

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Sporty & urban design

Suppose you saw this car for the first time, speeding by you in a flash.
What word could describe your impression if you had never heard of
“Santa Fe” before?
It’s “style,” plain and simple. No other name even comes close.

  • Xenon headlamps & washer jets Xenon headlamps are luxuriously bright and brilliantly clear, providing a surer view of the road ahead at night. The Santa Fe headlamps are also ringed by a chic blue light for a special mark of distinction. Washer jets are installed to keep the headlamp glass clean at all times.

  • Rear combination lamps The eye catching clear glass horizontally aligned lamps continue the frontal themes.
    The result is maximum attraction combined with optimum visibility.

  • Stylish side repeaters Thermal wires are built into the mirror to remove frost or fog for greater driving safety in cold weather. The newly designed side repeaters enhance the exterior appearance.

  • Sun roof The power sunroof adds refreshment to your trip, even when driving around the city. The warm sunlight and cool breeze can flow into the cabin with a simple push of a button.

  • Twin exhausts The dynamic SUV image is accentuated by dual exhausts. Their design hints of the thrill you get when driving the Santa Fe.

  • Fog lamps with clear lenses
    Visibility is improved in inclement weather for greater driving safety.

  • Rear Spoiler
    Stylish and practical, the aerodynamic spoiler features an integrated LED powered high mounted stop lamp for extra braking visibility.

  • Roof rack
    The silver colour projects the dynamic look of a true SUV and adds a touch of luxuriousness.

  • Hatchback handle
    The design is attractive and offers a great grip. The hatchback opens and closes easily.

  • 17” Alloy wheel

  • 18” Alloy wheel (No flange)

  • Silica tires
    The tires feature a silica-based rubber compound that provides outstanding grip on wet surfaces and reduced rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.

  • Rear wiper
    Precipitation on the rear window can be removed for a safer rearview.


A blend of comfort and convenience

Comfort is enhanced when convenience is added, while convenience mixed with comfort adds value.
The new Santa Fe delivers exceptional pleasure all around.
  • Seat variations for four distinct spatial arrangements One of the greatest advantages an SUV has over the passenger car is the flexibility of the interior space. The Santa Fe’s seating for seven occupants can be reconfigured to enjoy greater comfort when on a break, ensure ample cargo space when on business or carry odd-shaped items when on holiday. And the seating adjustments are so easy to make. The Santa Fe is also available with two rows of seats to provide more cargo room in back at all times.
  • 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat The Santa Fe will make you want to drive further and visit new places. As the driver you get the special privilege of fine-tuning the settings on your seat ten different ways to conform to your body type. You’ll feel as refreshed at the end of your trip as when you started out. The Santa Fe’s comfort will take you further and to new places.

  • Cooler
    The unit keeps beverages cool and thirst-quenching for a long time, making driving on hot summer days more refreshing for everyone.

  • Conversation mirror
    The driver can talk to rear seat occupants without turning around, making the trip more enjoyable and safer for everyone.

  • Luggage screen (with 5-person seating)
    Diverse items can be kept stored neatly away and are easy to locate when needed.

  • Heated seats
    The driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat are equipped with thermal wiring for greater warmth on cold days.

  • Storage system (floor console)
    This is a must for any driver. You can keep small items you need within easy reach at all times.


Caring technology

The Santa Fe's craftsmanship is inspired by the heart and completed
with technology. You continue to be pleasantly surprised by the
features you discover throughout the vehicle when driving or parked.

  • Theta 2.4 MPi Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 2,359 cc
    Max. Power : 174ps / 6,000rpm
    Max. Torque : M/T 23.0kg·m / 3,750rpm
                           A/T 23.0kg·m / 3,750rpm

    Here is a power plant for the future. The Theta(Θ) II 2.4 has been made lighter to improve fuel efficiency, and the variable valve timing system reduces emissions. With the Theta(Θ) II 2.4, you get greater responsiveness and better fuel economy at once. And that’s the best solution of all.
  • R 2.2 CRDi (EU IV/V)
    Fuel type : Diesel
    Displacement : 2,199 cc
    Max. Power : 197ps / 3,800rpm
    Max. Torque : M/T 43.0kg·m / 1,800~2,500rpm
    A/T 44.5kg·m / 1,800~2,500rpm

    R 2.2 CRDi (EU II/III)
    Fuel type : Diesel
    Displacement : 2,199 cc
    Max. Power : 190ps / 3,800rpm
    Max. Torque : M/T 43.0kg·m / 1,800~2,500rpm
    A/T 44.5kg·m / 1,800~2,500rpm

    Lambda 3.5 MPi
    Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 3,470 cc
    Max. Power : 280ps / 6,300rpm
    Max. Torque : A/T 34.2kg·m / 5,000rpm

  • 6-speed automatic The Santa Fe’s new six-speed automatic transmission is silky smooth yet delightfully dynamic.


    Manual transmission
    Our manual six-speed, with exceptional shift quality, NVH characteristics and durability, comes with a shift indicator to encourage optimal driving habits.

  • Full-time 4WD system You get optimal handling at all times. An electronic clutch actively distributes torque to the front and rear wheels to accommodate changing road and vehicle conditions.


  • Front and rear suspension The MacPherson strut suspension in the front delivers excellent rigidity and durability for superior handling and collision safety. The multi-link rear suspension improves ride and maneuverability and allows a wider interior space for maximum utility.

  • Organ-type accelerator pedal The accelerator pedal is moves in the same direction as the foot moves, minimising driver effort and preventing possible mishaps from foreign objects on the accelerator.


Setting a new standard
for safety systems.

Keeping you and your loved ones safe is a basic and essential
concern when deciding which vehicle to buy.
Look no further. Hyundai Motor has made safety the top priority when
designing the Santa Fe. The protective capabilities may not be readily
apparent to the eye, but this SUV is thoroughly equipped to withstand
diverse collision scenarios.

  • Electronic Stability Control(ESC) The Electronic Stability Control detects when the vehicle is starting to lose traction, even before the brakes are applied. The system responds immediately by applying the appropriate brake force on each wheel and adjusting engine torque to stabilise the vehicle. The ESC integrates the functions of the EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) system, ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and TCS (Traction Control System) to provide greater driving stability when driving through curves or on slippery road surfaces.
  • Advanced airbag technology Depowered airbags on the driver’s and front passenger’s seats deploy at reduced force to prevent possible injury. Side airbags and curtain airbags are installed all around to protect occupants from head injuries and help keep them inside in the event of a rollover.
  • Disc brakes The Antilock Braking System (ABS) electronically controls all four wheels, while ventilated disc brakes on the front wheels provide optimal braking performance under any circumstance.
  • Rollover sensor This sophisticated safety system monitors vehicular angle and can predict a rollover, activating the side and curtain airbags to protect the occupants from head injuries.

  • Active headrest on driver’s seat
    In the event of a rear-end collision, the head restraint moves forward automatically to minimise the possibility of injury to the head and neck.

  • Safety power window
    The window automatically stops closing and reverses direction when a finger, arm or other obstruction is detected in its path.


The Santa Fe offers homelike
comfort and convenience

The Santa Fe is equipped to maximise your comfort and convenience. Everything,
from the holder to button design, is intended to let you focus on driving.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Super-vision cluster & Shift indicator Chrome rings add elegance to the easy-to-read gauge cluster. The shift indicator helps you enhance your fuel economy by timing your gear changes just right. You will be able to cut down on wasted fuel and maintain the proper engine speed at all times.

  • Fully automatic air conditioner The system will automatically adjust the interior temperature to match the setting made by any occupant, ensuring optimal riding comfort.

  • Rearview camera display A 3.5” LCD monitor is built into the electro-chromic rearview mirror to display the images provided by a camera mounted on the rear. You can easily see people or obstacles behind the vehicle when backing up.

  • Engine start/stop button
    This handy system lets you turn the ignition on and off with the simple touch of a button. Now your driving enjoyment starts with the greatest of ease.

  • Audio remote on the steering wheel
    With the remote control built onto the steering wheel, you can adjust your audio system safely while driving. The simple, modern design adds sophistication to the steering wheel as well.

  • 6-disc in-dash CD changer system
    The high-performance audio system will make any genre of music sound fantastic. The 6-disc CD changer is built into the dashboard, adding convenience and variety to the audio entertainment.

  • Audio CD player
    The rich-sounding CD player keeps you close to your music when on the road.

  • Auxiliary, USB and MP3 ports
    Diverse external devices can be plugged into the onboard sound system for unlimited music access.

    iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Cluster ionizer
    This built-in system improves interior air quality. A fan is used to generate ion plasma that helps clean the air and suppress bacterial growth in the cabin.

  • Keyless entry
    You can open and close the doors and trunk simply by pressing a button on the key in your hand.

  • Proximity key system
    You can start the engine or lock/unlock the doors by activating a button on the proximity key when you are near the vehicle. There’s no need to insert a conventional key into the slot or push a button on a separate remote control unit.


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