R&D Center

R&D Centre

Hyundai Motor India Engineering (HMIE) is a fully owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea, which has set up the R&D Centre in Hyderabad. HMIE is a centre with one of the most advanced research and development facilities which focuses on state of the art product and design engineering and rigorous quality enhancement. The new R&D Centre at Hyderabad in India is Hyundai Motor Company’s fourth overseas R&D centre.

Set up with an investment of Rs. 184 crores, the new 200,000 square-foot facility R&D Centre, is aimed at further accelerating local content development and enable Hyundai to respond even more quickly to changing customer needs across the world. The R&D Centre will further facilitate the development of India as Hyundai’s global hub for manufacturing and engineering of small cars.

The new R&D Centre in Hyderabad will support all back-end operations like computer aided engineering (CAE), computer aided design (CAD) and help the R & D work taking place across Hyundai’s car line-up

The R&D Centre will help in developing vehicles which includes their styling, design engineering and vehicle test & evaluation. The R&D Centre will play a pivotal role for cars manufactured in India in order to satisfy the specific needs of the Indian customers.

Hyundai Motor Company’s other overseas R&D centers are located in the United States, Germany,
Japan & Korea.