Employee Speak

Employee Speak


Devdatta Mulchandani

Deputy General Manager

“When I took up my present role at Hyundai Motor India limited, I was a bit apprehensive. Wouldn’t life at a manufacturing company be slow and boring? Would I get hemmed in by dealing with just , well cars and cars and more cars ? But, I found to my pleasant surprise that the maxim “New Thinking New possibilities” is much more than a lip service.

There has been plenty of scope to invent, re- invent and create. Face challenges head on, a multi- cultural work environment provides a plethora of opportunities. If one thought, that one had seen it all, time to think again. For at Hyundai there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be grabbed. How you use them is upto you.”


Puneet Anand

Sr. General Manager

“When I look down upon the last 19 years of my life at Hyundai, it seems as if it was yesterday that I joined this organization thanks to the happening, action packed and aggressive work culture in this organization.

It was here that I got the unique opportunity to improve my management skills through a 1 year Global MBA program at the University of Korea, Seoul fully funded and supported by HMIL. This gave me an international exposure and ability to work in a different mix of culture and traditions.

Career at Hyundai has been quite eventful given the fact that I had the privilege of working in multifunctional profiles and such versatile experience has made me confident, strong and ready to take on any challenge be it in professional or personal life.”


Sekar S

Assistant General Manager

“I Joined Hyundai fresh from college, the first day of my corporate life was a feeling mixed with fear & excitement. But it was one to be cherished and now my corporate life in Hyundai has entered into the fifteenth Year.

From a Graduate Engineer Trainee to Head of department at a young age, is what Hyundai has offered me. My experience in Hyundai helped me to gain great insight into the hard work going into running a huge organization and how every individual’s work contributes towards the growth of the organization.”