1Entry-level face-off (Auto Bild )December 2012
2Simple superstars (Overdrive)December 2012
3Small Cars Fan Big Fights (The Economic Times)November 2012
4Compact Class (Financial Express)November 2012
5Serving Quality (Daily News & Analysis)October 2012
6The Eon has been appreciated for its fuel efficiency and class-leading features. (Auto Bild India)June 2012
7Hyundai EON takes the small car game to a new level (Car India)March 2012
8Eon is fresh, sporty and youthful (Business Standard Motoring)February 2012
9Hyundai has done a brilliant job with the EON (Auto Bild)January 2012
10The road to success is clear for EON (BBC Top Gear)December 2011
11The EON has the makings of a winner (Autocar India)December 2011
12EON stands out even in the company of larger, more expensive cars (Autocar India)December 2011
13EON brings in never seen before styling to this segment (Overdrive)December 2011
14EON’s interiors are a huge leap over those of its contemporaries (Business Standard Motoring)December 2011
15The EON is built to satisfy Indian needs (Car India)November 2011
16The EON has a lot going for it (Autocar)November 2011
17The EON takes the game forward (Overdrive)November 2011
18EON has the potential to open up a whole new segment (BS Motoring)November 2011
19The EON is fairly striking (Auto India)October 2011
20Hyundai’s EON has taken things to the next level (Autocar India)October 2011
21The EON is an easy and friendly car to drive (Overdrive)October 2011
22EON has many things going for it (BS Motoring)October 2011