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  • in_hig_i10_1_20130612
    i10 won the coveted 'ICOTY 2008' the most trusted word on automobiles for consumers, manufacturers and Auto experts. This Award have proved to be the benchmark for auto excellence in the country.
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    Superior Fuel Efficiency
    The Next Gen i10 provides you the best of both worlds - superior mileage and optimum performance for an out of the word driving experience. The 1.1L iRDE2 engine delivers a mileage of 19.8 kmpl with low emmissions.
  • in_hig_i10_3_20131127
    Stylish Exterior & Interior
    From the modern and stylish exterior to premium and quality interior, i10 is a car like no other. The chrome grille portrays powerful brand presence whereas 2-tone beige and light brown interior with blue illumination imparts the Next Gen i10 a premium feel.
  • in_hig_i10_4_20131127EXTERIOR- 2-Tone Chrome Radiator Grille
    - Clear headlamp & Tail lamp
    - Full Wheel Cover
  • in_hig_i10_2_20131127INTERIOR- 2 tone beige and brown key color
    - Blue interior illumination
    - Chrome Package
  • PERFORMANCE- 1.1L iRDE 2 engine
    - Manual transmission
    - High-tech suspension system
  • in_hig_i10_1_20131128SAFETY- Fog lamp
    - Central locking
    - Keyless entry
  • in_hig_i10_2_20131128CONVENIENCE- Air conditioner
    - Front & rear power windows
    - 2 DIN Radio+CD+MP3 audio