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  • Genesis-2011-Hil-1-2011Aug26-ver0.1.jpg
    Lexicon audio system
    The Lexicon audio system, a premium audio brand, delivers outstanding sound and music experience to drivers and passengers.
  • Genesis-2011-Hil-2-2011Aug26-ver0.1.png
    Intelligent Luxury
    It features various innovative functions, providing premium driving experiences to drivers and passengers.
  • Genesis-2011-Hil-3-2011Aug26-ver0.1.png
    Rear wheel drive platform
    It has a rear wheel drive platform, offering an exceptional balance and acceleration and smooth cornering.
  • Genesis-2011-Hil-4-2011Oct28-ver0.1.jpgEXTERIOR- HID head lamps
    - Wrap around LED rear lights
    - LED mirror repeaters
    - Adaptive front lighting
  • hw013585.jpgINTERIOR- Interior colour package
    - Front air ventilation seat
  • Genesis-2011-Hil-6-2011Aug26-ver0.1.jpgPERFORMANCE- Lambda 3.8 MPi
    - Rear drivetrain
  • hw013587.jpgSAFETY- 8 airbags system
    - Electronic active headrests
  • Genesis-2011-Hil-8-2011Oct28-ver0.1.jpgCONVENIENCE- Supervision cluster with TFF LCD monitor
    - Premium speaker structure
    - Front & rear distance warning
    - Smart cruise control
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Genesis, through the sophisticated
and dynamic design to meet your needs

Genesis of a stylish and smooth design has been
created for you.

  • HID head lamps Proven technology puts high intensity discharge light exactly where it is needed, without dazzling other road users.

  • Wrap around LED rear lights LED for brilliant clarity, wrap around for extra visibility. An elegant safety feature.

  • LED mirror repeaters Extra safety when turning is guaranteed by the LED indicator repeaters in the mirror housings.

  • Adaptive front lighting Controlled by the steering and speed, the adaptive front lighting actively lights the way around curves, improving night vision and safety. It is also automatically self-leveling regardless of load and passenger weight distribution.

  • Fog lamps
    Integrated into the front spoiler. Clear bezel fog lights reduce eyestrain in fog or mist.

  • LED high mounted stop lamp
    The high mounted stop lamp uses the clarity of LED to warn other drivers.

  • Acoustic laminated glass
    A major factor in reducing both wind and buffeting noise, the acoustic glass is also laminated for additional passenger protection.

  • Electronic aero blade wipers
    Sensor controlled, the wipers are also aerodynamically optimised against lifting.

  • Power boot lid
    Deep opening lid makes loading easier, and opens at the touch of a button for extra convenience.

  • Safety power windows
    Every side window features anti-trap technology that stops the window whenever an obstacle is encountered.

  • Heated ECM outside mirrors
    Even the exterior rear view mirrors feature ECM anti-dazzle and are electrically operated and heated. They also automatically adjust downwards when reverse gear is selected, giving a better kerb view.

  • Aluminium bonnet & gas lifter
    The weight-saving aluminium bonnet is raised by gas struts for maximum convenience and ease of access.

  • Alloy wheels
    The Genesis offers a choice of wheels ranging from 17 to 18 inches. The flangeless design translates into a cleaner, larger and sportier appearance.

  • Solar control glass
    No matter how hot the sun, or how bright, the solar glass helps keep the interior comfortable and reduces glare.


With excellent quality and finesse.
Offers every imaginable convenience

Genesis as a high quality it is,
you can expect the comport and convenience.

  • Front air ventilation seat Front seats are ventilated and infinitely adjustable

  • Organ-type accelerator pedal
    A luxury convenience feature that is also really useful.

  • Power steering
    Fine leather wrapped, tilt and telescope steering is electro-powered to conserve fuel, add precision and reduce noise.

  • B pillar air vent
    The rear passengers enjoy face level air control, thanks to B Pillar mounted adjustable vent.

  • Mood and interior light / Rear interior lamp
    Precise or ambient light where it is need from easy pushbutton controls. Roof mounted rear light has individual L/R controls for maximum comfort.

  • ECM room mirrors
    Like the exterior mirrors the interior mirror features ECM automatic dimming to prevent dazzle.

  • Integrated Memory System(IMS)
    Push button set, the seating and steering automatically resets to the pre-entered position when the individual memory is selected.

  • Rain sensor
    Sensors mounted behind the ECM interior mirror assembly automatically activate windscreen wipers when it rains.

  • Door courtesy lamp
    An extra practical luxury touch, the door mounted courtesy lamps light the way in and out.

  • Door scuff
    Stainless steel scuff plates protect the Genesis door sills in classic prestige style.

  • Rear electric curtain
    Push button raised or lowered from centre armrest switch.

  • Rear armrest switch
    Enables rear passengers to control the power seat adjustment, sunshade and sound system. Tuning, scroll and enter functions are intuitively easy.


Genesis of the improved technology

This also offers Sports, High and Low mode selection to perfectly
meet driver's demands. Engine refinements, acoustic laminated
glass, refined chassis developement and advanced sound technology
mean that this GT class handling comes with luxury limousine levels
of hushed comfort.

  • Lambda 3.8 MPi Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 3,778 cc
    Max. Power : 290ps / 6,200rpm
    Max. Torque : 36.5kg·m / 4,500rpm

    The confidence Power & Precision Super-precise aluminium die casting technology, dual CVVT that variably operates inlet and outlet valves, maximised variable intake efficiency delivers real performance from two smooth 24V double overhead cam V6 engines. 8-speed SHIFTRONIC® transmission lets you relax or take complete shift control. The movement is yours to command!


    Lambda 3.3 MPi
    Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 3,342 cc
    Max. Power : 262ps / 6,200rpm
    Max. Torque : 32.2kg·m / 4,500rpm

  • All new 8-speed automatic with SHIFTRONIC® Standard on all models, it’s specially tuned to deliver maximise performance, and improve fuel economy.

  • Rear drivetrain Superb weight distribution with advanced handling and breaking comes from the high tech rear wheel drive system.


protects your safety

Even the most sophisticated and dynamic cars must prove their toughness.
Genesis does if gently but firmly. The rigid protection structure also
contributes to the low NVH.


  • 8 airbags system Wrap around airbags, strategic padding and optional side glass lamination, together with pre-tensioned and depowered seatbelts protect the whole passenger space.
  • Electronic active Headrests Split second sensor activated the electronic active headrests move upwards and forwards on impact to protect against whiplash, head and neck injuries.



Maximises driver's emotional satisfaction by
ergonomically placing top class entertainment
system and cutting edge convenient features.

  • Supervision cluster with TFF LCD monitor A 3.5-inch TFT LCD monitor for detailed information is built into the supervision cluster. On it, information is displayed in coloured text or icon images with sounds.

  • Premium speaker structure 17 high-end speakers comprise the Genesis Lexicon sound system. The result is perfect acoustic management and reproduction, anywhere in the car.

  • Front & rear distance warning Perfectly integrated into the front and rear bodywork, the park distance sensors warn of any obstacles.

  • Smart cruise control Sensors monitor the distance between Genesis and the car in front, keeping a constant safe distance and automatically braking or decelerating when necessary. When the road clears the high-tech cruise control automatically reactivates.

  • Front & rear blind spot cameras These clearly display exactly what’s in blind spots on the 8-inch info-screen.

  • Push button starting / smart key
    Sensor activated by the remote control, the push button start adds extra driver convenience. Multi-function remote control opens doors, trunk lid or activates high security locks.

  • Steering wheel remote control
    Designed to be easy and made from the best materials to feel good, the Genesis remote controls set new standards.

  • Lexicon sound system
    11-channel AMP, 14 speakers, discrete logic7™ (7.1 channel) audio processing.

  • Basic sound system
    6-channel AMP, 7 speakers.

  • Electric parking brake
    Secure parking at the touch of a button.

  • Auto defogging system
    Sensors monitor the inner windscreen and automatically activate the demister when the screen is fogged.

  • USB & AUX in
    A jack plug auxiliary input and USB access make connecting an iPod, MP3 or other devices childishly easy.


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Max. Power Label (ps / rpm) 166 / 6,200
Max. Torque Label (kg·m / rpm) 20.1 / 4,600
Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (seg)
Braking Distance (m)(100 - 0 kph)
Number of Cylinders
Valves of Cylinder
Bore Stroke
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