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  • img_pip_i40_sedan_highlights_01.jpg
    European style

    Designed by an international team of stylists at the company's design center in Russelsheim, Germany the suave and sophisticated i40 Sedan has a pure European pedigree.

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    9-airbag system

    With up to nine airbags available, including each driver and passenger airbags, i40 Sedan takes every possible precaution to reduce the risk of serious injury.

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    High fuel efficiency

    The gasoline and diesel engines of the i40 Sedan give high fuel efficiency compared to the competition.

  • img_pip_i40_sedan_highlights_04EXTERIORThe i40 Sedan speaks Hyundai's design language of “fluidic sculpture.” Inspired by nature’s aesthetics, it presents a perfect harmony of nature, man and machine.
  • img_pip_i40_sedan_highlights_05INTERIORThe interior is in perfect synch with the exterior, reflecting sophistication and elegance.
  • img_pip_i40_sedan_highlights_06.jpgPERFORMANCEA family of exciting gasoline and diesel engines and transmissions deliver best-in-class fuel economy without compromising power of driving pleasure.
  • img_pip_i40_sedan_highlights_07.jpgSAFETYSmart safety systems are programmed to automatically detect dangerous situations and help prevent accidents.
  • img_pip_i40_sedan_highlights_08.jpgCONVENIENCEFeatures that make the daily commute something you can really look forward to. Features that lets you relax behind the wheel and allow you to enjoy some happy moments.