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We pledge that we shall continue to provide the best vehicles and the best after-sale service at the lowest possible prices.

Welcome to the world of Hyundai where we believe that selling a new car does not stop when we receive your payment! That is why our philosophy since 1994 has been built on the premise that the hard work really begins after that sale is concluded.

Indeed, we realized early on that in order to gain the loyalty of our customers we had to provide an excellent after-sale service, low priced and readily available spare parts, and do everything possible to add convenience to our customers’ lives and aid them in on-the-road
emergency situations.

That’s why at Hyundai we pride ourselves in having an after-sale service facility that is second to none and the envy of other car distributors. In addition, our 24-hour roadside assistance and home service program have helped thousands of Hyundai owners through-out the years. All this has enabled our Hyundai customer to feel uniquely cared for and particularly privileged.

Today, both Hyundai and its family of customers are enjoying the fruits of these years of hard work. Indeed, we have reached the point where the high quality behind the Hyundai brand is a well-known fact and where our customers are enjoying the benefits of an excellent product and excellent service; both at very competitive prices.

As a result of this and remarkable product quality enhancements, the Hyundai vehicle today is commanding a premium price over other brands in the second-hand resale market. For instance, it is quite customary for the Hyundai owner to sell his or her car at over 70% of its initial price after having enjoyed driving it for 3 full years!

The support and encouragement of our customers throughout the past have been indispensable to our achieving the position that we’re currently enjoying. In appreciation of this fact and in keeping with our stated philosophy, we pledge that we shall continue to provide the best vehicles and the best after-sale service at the lowest possible prices. We hope that you will soon join our family of proud and satisfied Hyundai car owners.

Why choose Century Motor Company?

Century Motor Company (CMC) is a leading automotive player in Lebanon. CMC has been the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Lebanon since 1993. Ever since that date, Hyundai has been increasing its market share in Lebanon, whilst providing unbeatable customer service.

CMC is a private company wholly-owned by the Rasamny family. Mr. Walid Rasamny is the Chairman and CEO, Mr. Fady Rasamny, Executive Vice President, Mr. Wajdi Rasamny, Executive Vice President and Mr. Wassim Rasamny, Executive Vice President. The Rasamny family is a name synonymous with excellent customer service in the automotive industry since the early 1940s in the Middle East and Africa. This same family feeling and dynamic is reflective of its staff. We strongly believe that employee satisfaction is a key ingredient in any organization and that is why we are able to perform so well in our market.

As you would wish for any family member, we want our employees to be industry leaders in their department-specific qualifications and market knowledge. This is why CMC invests a substantial amount of time and money in on-the-job and external training for the development of our staff.
We strive to be an innovator in the automobile market in Lebanon. In order to do this, we are always setting out to find fresh, dynamic and competent individuals join our family.

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