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Hyundai Centennial named 2012 Car of the Year

No. 507 11 20121446 hit


  • Hyundai's flagship model wins first ever Car of the Year award from Sport Auto Magazine
  • Award presented at the EXCS International Motor Show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Hyundai's flagship car, the Centennial, has been named 2012 Car of the Year (COTY) by leading Middle East car magazine, Sport Auto. The award was presented to Tom Lee, head of Hyundai's Middle East regional headquarters, by Mr. Walid, Sport Auto at the prestigious EXCS International Motor Show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Centennial is Hyundai's flagship model and demonstrates Hyundai's commitment to producing top-of-the-range vehicles. The luxury sedan model also reinforces the company's 'Modern Premium' philosophy that is the focal point for Hyundai's brand direction.

Mr. Gerard Saunal Editor and Chief of Sport Auto commented on the Centennial's victory: "The Sport Auto team has had the opportunity to test-drive the Hyundai luxury car model the Centennial several times inside Saudi Arabia and abroad; and we were amazed with its stunning development compared with other models in its segment. Thus, we were sure, independently, of the superiority of this car and that it deserves the "2012 car of the year award"

Sport Auto Magazine is one of the Middle East's leading automotive publications and has been running for over 30 years. With dedicated reporters based in all key markets across the region, and a distribution spanning the whole of the Middle East, Sport Auto is managed by highly respected motoring journalist and Editor-In-Chief, Gerard Saunal.

Across the world, the Centennial is now recognized as a serious contender in the premium car sector, traditionally dominated by German and Japanese cars. The same is true in the Middle East, where the Centennial has seen sales surge by 298% from January to September this year compared to last year, showing consumer confidence in Hyundai's flagship model across the Middle East.

Tom Lee, Head of Hyundai's Middle East regional headquarters, commented on the award: "It is a great honor to receive this award, the first time anywhere in the world that the Centennial has been named Car of the Year. It is testament not only to how far we have come as an automotive company, but also recognition that we now have models that are established in the luxury car segment."

The Centennial interior is cloaked in luxurious leather upholstery, and features a natural wood trim and a leather-wrapped instrument panel, all showcasing the richness of this luxury sedan.

Centennial is a true testament to luxury, with the highest standards of occupant experience. Passengers enjoy a wealth of luxury from air cell massage seat, power adjustable leg supports for extra comfort, and the centre console that houses a cool box big enough to fit any refreshment. Electric side curtains and luxury seat back tables add to the sense of prestige and refinement.

With all the features expected in a luxury car, the Centennial comes with all the latest on-board technology, starting in the rear, with an 8-inch LCD monitor entertainment screen and dedicated armrest controls that allow the passengers to manage the multimedia and comfort zone functions.

The exterior is no less impressive, with its charismatic and sophisticated look that makes a statement wherever the Centennial goes. The 4.6-litre Tau DOHC V8 unit produces 373 hp at 6,500 rpm, while the model is also available with a 3.8-litre MPI engine that produces 290hp at 6200rpm, giving it a top speed of 240kph.

Testament to Hyundai's commitment and confidence in its premium model is its Premium Assurance Program. Customers buying a Centennial will enjoy Hyundai Premium Assurance Program: a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, plus free servicing for three years or 60,000 kms., buy-back value guarantee and roadside assistance. Also, the customer receives their very own service advisor under the terms of the program.

Hyundai’s Brand Value Reaches New High

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  • Hyundai is the world's fastest growing auto brand since 2005
  • Hyundai's brand value growth continues to exceed industry average


Hyundai Motor Company, the fastest growing automotive company by brand, saw its brand value surge 24.4 percent from a year earlier to $7.5 billion, according to brand consultancy Interbrand's 2012 Best 100 Global Brands.

Hyundai, which has been included in the Best 100 Global Brands list for eight consecutive years, ranked No. 53 out of 100 brands this year, a steady increase from the No. 84 position in 2005 and the company's highest ranking ever.

"Hyundai's recent investment in global campaigns and sensational new product designs are fulfilling customers's emotional needs," Interbrand said in a statement. "Brand awareness for Hyundai has increased phenomenally in a short period of time and we are looking forward to the brand's future direction."

The whopping growth rate of 24.4 percent this year significantly outperformed the industry's average growth rate of 11.2 percent. Beyond the auto industry, Hyundai is also one of the world's fastest growing brands, closely trailing the growth rate of brands such as Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Amazon.com.

In addition to the company's continuous focus on quality, Hyundai attributed the stellar results to its brand management efforts. Hyundai announced its new `Modern Premium' brand concept at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, unveiling its new brand direction and slogan. This year, Hyundai launched its first global brand campaign "Live Brilliant."

"The significant growth in brand value, despite global economic difficulties and fierce competition, shows our enhanced brand status," said Won-Hong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor's headquarters in Seoul. "We will strengthen our efforts to become the most loved brand by delivering more values beyond customers' expectations."

The Interbrand rankings are calculated using companies' financial balance sheets combined with marketing activities, while also reflecting each brand's potential profit.

Hyundai ready for WRC return

No. 308 10 20121426 hit


  • Hyundai is poised to return to the World Rally Championship (WRC)
  • Rally-ready model, based on New i20, unveiled at Paris Motor Show


Hyundai is poised to return to the FIA World Rally Championship (better known as the WRC) and has unveiled a rally-ready version based on the New i20 at the Paris Motor Show.

The WRC is one of the world's toughest motorsport series, and the vehicle has been engineered to overcome the extreme terrains and weather conditions that competitors face.

Following its withdrawal from motorsport in 2003, Hyundai's long-term goal was to set up an in-house WRC team in Europe and develop a performance rally car, resulting in the WRC i20's debut in Paris.

Tom Lee head of Hyundai's Middle East regional headquarters, commented: "The World Rally Championship is recognized as one of the most dramatic sporting series on Earth. It's a spectacle filled with excitement and dynamism – the perfect embodiment of the Hyundai brand.

"The WRC also offers the most technologically diverse challenge for an automotive manufacturer. Our participation will demonstrate Hyundai's engineering excellence and durability, and will also help to enhance our road-going vehicles in future."

Hyundai's rally history

The company's involvement in the sport began in 1998, when it competed in the F2 class of the WRC for two seasons. In 1999, the team announced it would step up to the top class in 2000, with a fully developed WRC car based on the three-door Accent.

At the end of 2003 season, after four years of WRC competition, Hyundai withdrew from the championship, embarking on its long-term strategy to set up an in-house WRC team in Europe.

About the WRC

The WRC is regulated and controlled by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body for worldwide motorsport.

Current World Rally cars are based on 1,6-litre production models, and feature dramatic aerodynamic enhancements, 4x4 systems, turbochargers, sequential gearboxes and other high-tech additions.

Hyundai's sporting sponsorship

As well as motorsport, Hyundai is proud to be associated with a number of other sports. A long-term, committed partner of football, Hyundai has been an official UEFA EUROTOP partner since 1999, with the current agreement extending until 2017, ensuring Hyundai's involvement at all major European Championship tournaments, including this summer's UEFA EURO 2012™. The company has also served as the official automotive supplier to FIFA-sanctioned events around the world since the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ in Korea and Japan, under an agreement that will take in tournaments up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar.

Hyundai is also the exclusive automotive sponsor of Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) ski jumping competitions around the world. The partnership will cover more than 80 ski-jumping events.

The all-new Hyundai Santa Fe on sale in Lebanon this September

No. 207 08 20121669 hit

Beirut, Lebanon - Century Motor Company announced that the all-new 2013 Santa Fe will go on sale in Lebanon in mid-September 2012. With its core product concepts being "Refinement," "Smartness" and "Practicality", the all-new Santa Fe is set to be a hit in the SUV market, offering a whole new class of luxury with its differentiated design, cutting-edge technologies and practical use of space.

Based on Hyundai's design philosophy, Fluidic Sculpture, the new Santa Fe adopts its own design concept called "Storm Edge," which captures the strong and dynamic images created by nature during the formation of a storm, creating a futuristic and urban-style SUV image. The car's interior shows an evolution in design and an insight into the future through Hyundai's eyes.

The Santa Fe will come with a wealth of new and improved technologies. And with Hyundai's continued commitment to making all its new cars more eco-friendly, there is an option of active ECO, which will actively control air condition output and engine transmission activity for the best fuel efficiency.

The all-new 2013 Santa Fe is not your average SUV, for it has reshaped the whole category with its luxurious exterior and comfortable interior. There's no doubt that the 2013 Santa Fe will be a hit in the Lebanese market, attracting not only existing customers but new ones, looking for a stylish, premium and authentic SUV.

Hyundai in Lebanon launches an awareness campaign to tackle littering in Lebanon

No. 102 03 20121450 hit

On February 1st, 2012, motorists around Lebanon started seeing unmarked (unidentified) large billboards featuring piles of garbage bags at key locations in major Lebanese cities. This sparked a wave of intrigue among drivers and in media circles alike. What was it all about? Was the message behind these billboards a civic, political, environmental, or commercial one? Everyone was wondering about the theme behind the billboards and the identity of the company sponsoring it. The wait was not long as the revealer campaign came on February 10th and, to everyone’s surprise, the message behind the campaign was the new ecological theme sponsored by Hyundai: “Al Nadafa Hadara - Don't litter and drive”.

“Al Nadafa Hadara - Don't litter and drive”, is the new environmental awareness initiative launched by Hyundai, which fits quite naturally and harmoniously with Hyundai’s worldwide corporate slogan of "New Thinking. New Possibilities." With a heightened awareness of the effects of our behavior on the environment and the serious problem that pollution is causing for all of us, Hyundai would have helped motorists discover new possibilities for a better future for them and for their children. To further reinforce the culture of cleanliness and environmental friendliness among the Lebanese public, Hyundai also sponsored a group of Lebanese youths who distributed to motorists at key traffic junctions 20cm x 30cm reusable trash bags that could be fastened to the inside of their car and which contain each 30 disposable waste bags. Through this new environmental awareness initiative, Hyundai hopes to help bring the Lebanese public a step closer to adopting a new behavior that helps us all coexist more harmoniously with our environment.

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