Hyundai Lebanon Warranty

Peace of mind – it’s the bottom line. Hyundai is the first automotive company to offer their clients an Extended Warranty of Six (6) years or 120,000 km making it Lebanon’s longest and most appealing warranty out there.

Century Motor Company cares for their customers comfort & well-being!  By providing an unbeatable national warranty we are guaranteeing just that!

The basic Warranty for all New Hyundai Passenger Vehicles sold after the 6th of June 2017 is for Six (6) years or 120,000 km from the date of delivery, whichever comes first, covering Engine & Transmission (Manual or Automatic), except the items specified in the warranty booklet.

For a detailed explanation of your warranty coverage please refer to your owner’s manual at any authorized dealer.

For proper maintenance and care of your vehicle, the scheduled maintenance services are minimum requirements which should be performed at your initiative as outlined in your Owner's Manual and the Maintenance section of the Customer Information Booklet, at any Hyundai authorized dealer or official representative.

The Warranty Coverage will be void in case of damage or failures due to Unauthorized Modifications, the use of non-Hyundai Genuine Parts, normal wear such as regular consumption of brake pads, filters, etc…, or the use of improper consumables such as oil, fuel and lubricants.

As well as, the vehicle misuse like severe driving conditions, racing or skipping the scheduled services at an authorized dealer as per the handed booklet will end up in your Warranty being reassessed.

For other coverage conditions, please refer to the Warranty booklet.