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  • Human tech

    The Azera's various high-tech driver-friendly specifications offer you every function.

  • Maximum security

    The Azera's fast and advanced response to dangers protects drivers even better.

  • Soft yet powerful. Bold yet agile

    The Azera consumes less fuel but allows for more powerful driving.

  • ExteriorIn the language of "fluidic sculpture," the AZERA conveys power, grace and confidence.
  • InteriorThe conversation continues inside, with an effortless elegance, sweeping lines and charming contrasts.
  • PerformanceFuel efficient and environmentally conscious yet with luxuries to indulge in. It’s an engineering masterpiece anyone can enjoy.
  • hw025605.jpgSafetyA rigid shell, multiple airbags and crash avoidance innovation keep you safe. Finally, a car that’s a step ahead of you.
  • hw025601.jpgConvenienceThe Azera boasts all the amenities discerning luxury car buyers have come to expect, plus a few unexpected extras guaranteed to delight.
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Like auto royalty, the Azera
commands authority

Strong hood lines and a voluminous bumper make a dra-
matic first impression. An elegantly sculpted wing-shaped
radiator grille, reminiscent of an aircraft, not only looks
regal, but allows for dynamic driving with its enhanced
engine-cooling function.

Like auto royalty, the Azera commands authority. Strong hood lines and a voluminous bumper make a dramatic first impression. An elegantly sculpted wing-shaped radiator grille, reminiscent of an aircraft, not only looks regal, but allows for dynamic driving with its enhanced engine-cooling function.

Head lamps with LED light guides that illuminate the way
The luxuriousness of the head lamps has been heightened by applying LED light guides and round-type LED position lamps. High-efficiency LED that minimizes energy consumption adds to the sense of satisfaction.

Whether from the side or back,
the Azera strikes a poetic silhouette

We call it the “grand glide” – a taut, dynamic stance with arching, muscular rear haunches and wrap-around LED
lighting that make for an athletically graceful profile – and a vehicle that looks ready for takeoff.

Heated outside mirrors & side repeaters that show more
These mirrors do more than reflect. Outside mirrors with built-in heat coils prevent fogging and enhance visibility. They also unfold automatically once within a certain distance of the smart key to conveniently get the driver started. Side repeaters with superior design and functionality promote safer driving.

Panoramic sunroof that opens to the skies
A panoramic sunroof without separate headlining maximizes the feeling of openness to create a pleasant driving environment that is closer to nature.


The Azera flashes sinewy power here,
sensual volume there

Muscular yet gentle, it captivates from all angles and has a
high rear deck boasting volume and solidity.

Wrap-around LED rear lights that leave a glow
High-tech wide LED rear lamps project a luxurious image and help complete the dynamic and voluminous rear design of the vehicle.

  • Aero blade wipers & rain sensor
    Streamlined to minimize air resistance and improve adhesion to the windshield, the aero blade wipers conveniently adjust their speed according to the amount of rain.

  • Dual exhaust mufflers
    Dual exhaust mufflers integrated into the bumper provide outstanding exhaust performance and complete Azera’s luxurious rear design.

  • LED high mounted stop lamp
    The beautifully designed LED stop lamp is highly visible and helps cars following from behind to maintain a safe distance.

  • Door courtesy lamp
    Interior lights turn on automatically upon opening the door to make preparing for driving safer and more convenient.

  • Fog lamps with clear lenses
    Visually attractive with their sporty design, the fog lamps with the clear lenses secure visibility more effectively.

  • Alloy wheels
    Large-diameter wheels maximize the thrill of sporty and dynamic driving and also provide outstanding braking.


It’s the best seat in the house
– one built with you in mind.

The driver’s seat was designed and engineered to ensure
your comfort, convenience and efficiency.

Interior mood lighting for a light touch
Subtle lighting on the crash pad and the door trims create a luxurious sense of quality.

Lighting panel
LED lighting in the centre tray and cup holder covers creates a unique pattern that conveys a feeling of luxuriousness that can only be experienced in Azera.

A space that feels distinctly you
Style that mirrors your style. Adjustments to match your preferences. Delightful touches - heated seats, a sunroof - to keep you snug and smiling. Open the door and come on in.

A 12-way power seat that gives you your way

The driver’s seat offers more adjustments than ever for more comfort than ever. Lift the front of the cushion to extend it, increasing the thigh support area as well. And don’t worry about setting your seat just right every time. The system stores the preferred seat, headrest and side mirror settings for two drivers.

8-way Standard

A comfortable active driver’s seat back

A driver’s seat with 4-way lumbar support and stretching function not only promotes upper-body blood circulation to prevent drowsiness, but also helps provide for a more comfortable ride.

  • img_pip_azera_interior_06.jpg
    Door scuff lamps
    Luxurious lamps at the door scuffs light up every time the door is opened, creating a special feeling whenever getting in and out of Azera.
  • img_pip_azera_interior_07.jpg
    Heated seats
    The heated seats are particularly warm, cozy, and convenient in the winter.
  • img_pip_azera_interior_08.jpg
    Door trim bottle holders
    Bottle holders, located on all the door panels, increase convenience and efficiency for storing drinks.
  • hw025654.jpg
    Seat control switch on door trim
    The driver’s seat adjustment switch has an intuitive design that is extremely convenient and easy to use for controlling the angle and extending the cushion of the driver’s seat.
  • img_pip_azera_interior_10.jpg
    Child seat anchor
    A child seat anchor allows adults to mount a child seat more securely and ensure greater safety of the entire family.


Lambda(λ) 3.0
MPi engine

Lambda(λ) 3.0 MPi engine

Theta(Θ) 2.4
MPi engine

Theta(Θ) 2.4 MPi engine
More fuel efficient, smoother running and quieter,
the second-generation 2.4 Theta serves as the
base power plant for Azera.
The optional 3.0 V6 Lambda is available for those
wanting more power from the engine.
  • Lambda(λ) 3.0 MPi engine
  • Theta(Θ) 2.4 MPi engine

Smooth sailing with 6-speed automatic transmission
Developed using proprietary Hyundai Motor Company technology, the new 6-speed automatic transmission has dramatically reduced the number of parts as well as its weight for smoother operation, greater silence, and superior fuel efficiency. By eliminating the need for regular oil changes, the semi-permanent transmission offers convenience and economy.
Smart cruise control that does the thinking for you. A radar sensor monitors the distance with other vehicles and automatically maintains optimum distance by controlling the engine and the brakes. The car advances automatically if the car in front stops and departs again within 3 seconds.
Smart cruise control that does the thinking for you
A radar sensor monitors the distance with other vehicles and automatically maintains optimum distance by controlling the engine and the brakes. The car advances automatically if the car in front stops and departs again within 3 seconds.


Electronic Stability Program(ESP)
takes you where you meant to go

ESP is a system that compares a driver’s desired course
of direction with the actual direction to help guide the
vehicle according to the driver’s intentions. It is particularly
effective in stabilizing lateral movement in sudden turns
and thereby provides a safer ride.

Perfect-force airbags
Depowered airbags on the driver’s and front passenger’s seats deploy at reduced force to prevent possible injury. Side airbags and curtain airbags are installed to protect occupants from injuries.
Knee airbag

A supplementary knee airbag protects the knees of passengers in the event of a head-on collision.

Rear impact reduction seats protect from behind
The backs of the seats are structurally optimized to minimize passenger injuries in the event of a rear collision by increasing their ability to absorb shocks.

A full stop with disc brakes
Larger front-wheel disc brakes allow for enhanced braking power.

  • TPMS
    System alerts the driver whenever tire pressure falls below normal.

  • Electronic Parking Brake(EPB)
    The parking brake is automatically activated when the vehicle stops, preventing it from rolling as well as sliding when restarting on a hill.

A supervision cluster with built-in monitor
and all the info you need

The cluster provides driving information such as flow of energy, fuel and battery status, tire pressure, and
open door warning through a high-resolution full color 4.3” TFT LCD.

Europe, Middle East, China only.

A premium sound system to go where you go
An expandable Infinity amplifier delivers top-class audio quality through an 8 speaker (10 channels) system, making Azera the best mobile space for enjoying music.

10 speaker (12 channels) only available in select regions.

A navigation & bluetooth hands-free system that keeps your hands on the wheel
It won’t take long to notice the Azera was built for your comfort. An easy-to-use navigation system gives you directions. Bluetooth lets you make wireless phone calls, hands-free. A CD changer system holds up to 6 CDs so you can enjoy a variety of your favorite music.

The Navigation & bluetooth functions are only available in select regions.
A parking assist system that warns on time
A highly convenient safety system with ultrasonic sensors sounds an alarm when the vehicle comes near obstacles during parking.

Rear heating / cooling ducts
Ventilation outlets installed separately for rear passengers help maintain a comfortable interior temperature during the four seasons.

One car, two climates with dual full auto air conditioning
You’re hot, your passenger is cool. Not a problem. Separate air conditioning for the two front seats automatically adjusts the temperature to both your likings. The cluster ionizer breaks down mildew and smells from the air conditioning and outside, keeping the air inside fresh. Then there’s the electronic variable compressor, which keeps the air clean.

A steering wheel that heats you up and lets you chill
Now here’s a steering wheel that does more than get turned. It can be heated to keep your hands from feeling chilled in the winter. It also boasts a remote control so you can adjust the audio system and use functions like cruise control without taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Smart cruise control switch & heated steering wheel
  • Audio controls switch

  • Smart key & engine start button
    A cutting-edge smart key system makes it possible to lock and unlock doors by simply having the key on you and also to turn the engine on or off with a mere press of a button.

  • Manual side curtains
    Side curtains installed in the rear side windows block the sunlight, protect the privacy of the passengers, and convey the elegance of a luxury sedan.

  • Electronic rear curtain
    At the touch of a button, the automatic rear curtain blocks out the hot sun and keeps the interior cool even in the middle of summer.

  • USB & AUX input jacks
    A built-in auxiliary port allows music files stored in portable devices such as MP3 players or personal computers to be enjoyed directly on the vehicle’s premium sound system. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Electro Chromatic Mirror(ECM)
    Push button operated, the ECM automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from following vehicles, dramatically reducing eye fatigue.

  • Auto defogging system
    Sensors mounted on the windshield detect and automatically remove moisture build-up to ensure safe visibility.

  • Cooling glove box
    The glove box with its cooling function helps keep beverages cool during the summer.


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Max. Torque Label (kg·m / rpm) 20.1 / 4,600
Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (seg)
Braking Distance (m)(100 - 0 kph)
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Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)
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