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Participated as a main sponsor for the US Super Bowl

HED-VI (ix-onic), the three-door i20 concept car, revealed for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show

Genesis awarded Car of the Year in North America

Selected as Best Company in terms of customer satisfaction in the automaker category by a consumer research group in China

Sponsored 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup

Exceeded an accumulated export sales of 1 million cars in Africa

Ranked 1st in New Vehicle Launch Index (VLI); Elantra ranked 1st in the compact car category; Genesis ranked 1st in the new car category by J.D. Power

Launch of Elantra LPi Hybrid in Korea, the world’s first Lpi hybrid car

ix-Metro and ix35 revealed for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Ranked Top 60 in Global Brand Value by Business Week

Construction of production plant in the Czech Republic with an annual capacity of 300,000 units

Santa Fe exceeds 2 million units in global sales

Selected as Best Marketer of the Year in the US

High-performance Theta GDi engine developed with proprietary technology revealed for the first time

i30 and Grand Starex awarded as Best Cars in Australia for the second consecutive year

TAU engine selected as winner of US Ward's AutoWorld 2009 10 Best Engines for the second consecutive year received Presidential Prize at the 2009 Korea New Technologies Award