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We also take pride in ensuring that when the time comes for routine maintenance or repair work, you are treated to a prompt and professional service, following the values shown below:

- On arrival, we will

Attend to you promptly

Agree the work to be carried out and provide a fully inclusive quote

Agree a time when your vehicle will be ready to pick up

- During the day, we will

Ensure that only appropriately trained Hyundai technicians carry out work on your vehicle

Check for any updates recommended by Hyundai and perform these free of charge

Provide a professional recommendation if we identify any parts that require replacing, about whether they should be replaced immediately, or at which point in the future they should be re-checked

Only ever replace additional parts with your permission

Use genuine Hyundai parts

Call you to confirm when your car is ready

- On collection, we will

Explain the invoice to you to ensure you understand the work that has been carried out

- Following your visit, we will

Call as many customers as possible within three days of their visit, in order to monitor customer satisfaction and to continually improve the service we offer you