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The shape is fresh and modern, but the name is one you know you can trust. This is Hyundai Accent, the latest generation of Hyundai's subcompact family car. It has all the time-honoured qualities you have come to expect of a Hyundai - reliability and durability, innovation and practicality, safety and economy - clothed in an eyecatching new profile. Accent, where pedigree is allied to progress.

ACCENT Highlight


Space with Style


The 3Door's profile is compact when viewed from outside, but the car has plenty of space inside. The hatchback opens high (to avoid possible collisions with your head) and low (to make loading easier). The rear seats can be folded for additional luggage space.



Small makes big sense


The latest Accent is marginally bigger than its predecessor.



What you want, where u want it


Never has an Accent been more stylish.


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