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The extraordinary only appeals to the certain, very special people. Individuals, who think their own thoughts, go their own way and shape their own destiny. These are the Genesis people. They prefer technology that works with and for them, for instance, air suspension, intelligent adaptive lighting, blind spot cameras and smart cruise control. They enjoy high performance in every aspect, from smooth power and dynamic refined handling to premium air and acoustic management. They demand prestige and quality. They recognize instinctively that Genesis is made for them.

GENESIS Highlight


Refined from every angle, the Genesis attracts those who feel their lives should be surrounded by dynamic and outstanding design. Each aerodynamic contour and line purposefully blending into symmetry. 


Every detail of the Genesis cockpit is built to indulge the driver's moods, to adapt naturally to his movements and to feel comfortable.
Controls made from the finest materials are sculpted to fit naturally to the hand. 


Experience the extraordinary, just step in and drive. Electronically controlled gas activated Continuous Damping Control. 

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