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Elegance and prestige merged brilliantly with overwhelming power. It's the ultimate automotive wish list, not just for a near-luxury car but for any red-blooded car buyer. The Genesis Coupe is an expression of Hyundai's dream, technology and potential. From styling to performance, every detail will appeal to those who know what sportiness means and to those who love to drive.



The output of the 3.8-litre Lambda V6 has been increased with a version known as the RS-for Rear-drive Sport-that produces a tantalising 303PS. The equally impressive alternative is the 2-litre turbo Theta four-cylinder with 210PS available on demand. Both engines put the Genesis Coupe in the big league. 


The all-new chassis of the Genesis Coupe locates the engine between the front wheels, but it drives the rear wheels via the transmission, prop shaft and limited slip diff. The layout produces an ideal front/rear weight distribution for this type of vehicle of 55/45 percent. 


Whatever the model, Hyundai takes safety seriously. In a powerful car like the Genesis Coupe, the issue is even more critical. The car's front engine/rear-drive layout and low centre of gravity aid balance and handling at high speed. The six air bags are ever-ready in case of an accident. 




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