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Our dream was to create the perfect driving environment, one that delivers everything you have ever desired. The Centennial is the realization of that dream. Flawless in every detail, it surrounds you with luxury and cares for you. It demonstrates the depth of thought and consideration that has created something truly unique.


Charismatic Progressive Style

An overriding philosophy expressed in every line of the Centennial. Uniting everything from concept to reality - creating refinement, beauty and charisma.

Luxury with Ultimate Safety

Unique precision and control, that sets new standards for safety and luxury in motion. A fluid sensation of individuality and deep satisfaction as you explore new heights in automotive accomplishment.

Balanced Driving Performance

Engineering as an art form. Performance redefined to suit your every mood and personal style. Technology that is as smooth as silk, but with massive power reserves that are always ready to move you.


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