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There’s no denying the messages sent out by the muscular, purposeful looks. Along the country’s highways and byways, the latest Hyundai van is the lifeblood of commerce. Important packages to collect here and to deliver there, always against the clock, always with the utmost reliability. With a spacious cargo area, low running costs and high levels of refinement, this is the vehicle you told us you need. The H-1. A trusted business partner.



The H-1 is also the answer when delivering people takes priority over packages. The eight-seater wagon is at home in a variety of business and leisure roles – as a hotel shuttle, for tourists on sight-seeing trips or for taking sports club members (and all their gear) to the big event. The strong, modern exterior is complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior. And because it’s a Hyundai, reliability and economy are part of the DNA.

H-1 Highlight


Hyundai H1 - CARGO VAN


The two- or three-seater H-1 is not just a sensible business tool. While it is primarily a practical, hard-working loadcarrier, those seated up-front will appreciate the high degree of comfort and convenience that feature in a beautifully appointed passenger cabin. Behind, the cargo compartment is a giant box more than 2.37 metres long, 1.62 metres wide and 1.35 metres high. For added convenience, there are sliding cargo doors each side, double swing doors at the rear, a flat floor and a choice of solid or mesh bulkhead. Let's get to work!



Hyundai H1 - WAGON


The scene is typical of modern living. The H-1 effortlessly whisks a group of colleagues - or perhaps old friends - from the city to the airport. The travel arrangements are in order, bags are packed, and the excited chatter is about the developments the next few days will bring. The eight-seat wagon is in its element in these circumstances, so easy to get into and out of. It has all the space required by the travellers and their luggage and a superb interior enhanced by flush-fitting side windows for great visibility. In fact, every element of the up-to-the-moment design is like an assurance the journey will be a success.


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