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The Hyundai i30 is a product born of focus, delivered through careful design with just a dash of inspiration. Dynamically stylish, invitingly spacious and totally practical. A car with all the intelligent features, inbuilt quality, and integrity that you expect from Hyundai. A car you instinctively want to drive, and drive, and drive…

i30 Highlight


Natural Selection


At first you might not immediately notice some of the more subtle features of the i30. To appreciate how easy it is to get in and out you have to try it. Details such as combining the tailgate release with the wonderfully tactile Hyundai emblem may take a while to appreciate. As does the way that the front and rear bumpers and light clusters add overall design harmony - as well as positioning the park warning sensors perfectly. Don't hurry, take your time the i30 rewards thorough investigation.



Space that true luxury


Generous seating space, plentiful leg, elbow, head and hip room, easy access boot space and well planned and arranged storage and stowage make the i30 practical as well as attractive. Versatile folding rear seats mean through loading or split loads are no problem. An impressive 340 liters of luggage space with the seats upright or 1,250 liters with them fully folded means all the space you need. Special storage for your iPod or MP3 player, sunglasses holders, map pockets and cup holders are all arranged to be easily accessible. Have a look, the more you explore, the more there is to find.



Intelligent integrated protection


The i30 features computer designed and rigorously tested impact protection that includes a rigid passenger cell, triple load distribution paths and impact absorbing structures. In addition, interior features such 6 air bags, strategic padding and active headrests which automatically guard against whiplash and head and neck injuries are also added. All backed up with, an array of active safety measures including super precise handling, advanced 4-wheel, 4-channel ABS and state-of-the-art ESP, to ensure that no matter how bad the conditions you have all the control you need at your finger tips to keep you safe and out of harms way.


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