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Suppose you saw this car for the first time, speeding by you in a flash. What word could describe your impression if you had never heard of “Santa Fe” before?
It’s “style,” plain and simple. No other name even comes close.

Santa Fe Highlight


A special kind of driving excitement


The Santa Fe experience goes beyond power and ride smoothness. Now there’s the satisfaction of doing more for the environment and saving more on fuel costs.



Setting a new ststandard for safety systems


Hyundai Moter has made safety the top priority when designing the Santa fe. The protective capabilities may not be readily apparent to the eye, but this SUV is thoroughly equipped to withstand diverse collision scenarios.



Caring technology


The Santa Fe’s craftsmanship is inspired by the heart and completed with technology. You will continue to be pleasantly surprised by the features you discover throughout the vehicle when driving or parked.


Santa Fe Downloads





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