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Santa Fe has it all


The big wheels and high ground clearance are classic design elements of a sport-utility vehicle. Appearances can be misleading, though, because Hyundai Santa Fe is more than that. It represents three Hyundais in one. Such is the model’s versatility that it combines a reassuring off-road capability with the comfort and driveability of a large passenger car and the practicality of a people-carrier for up to seven people. Truly, this is a car for all reasons. And the appeal of Santa Fe goes beyond simple good sense. The model’s most notable advantage is evident from every angle: up to the minute styling that gives it an elegant look at rest and on the open road.

Santa Fe Highlight


The Santa Fe introduces a new age of elegance in sport-utility vehicles. Of course it’s rugged enough to go off-road. But it’s also perfect for long journeys to the loveliest of destinations.


Full time four-wheel-drive automatically distributes engine torque between the front and rear wheels. When conditions are more slippery, drive to the front and rear can be locked 50/50 at the press of a button.


This is what happens when the second of seats are folded down. It establishes an enormous, flat area that is free from protrusions and has a low loading sill. This sort of space can accommodate the occasional outsize domestic load - think of all the delivery charges that could be saved!

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