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Hyundai History 2013-2017 - About Hyundai | Hyundai GT

  • 2018

    Side view of a car

    ·Unveiled four key technologies and specifications for in-vehicle network with Cisco

    ·Unveiled NEXO next-generation FCEV model at 2018 CES

    ·Unveiled new Veloster and Veloster N model

    ·Succeeded in autonomous driving tests on 190 km Seoul-Pyeongchang Highway

    ·NEXO FCEV model performed world's longest drive among FCEVs

    ·Launched new Veloster model

    ·Launched fourth-generation Santa Fe model

    ·Announced Sensuous Sportiness next-generation design direction

    ·Unveiled Le Fil Rouge concept car, HDC-1 model

    ·Unveiled Kona Electric, world's first compact SUV EV model

  • 2017

    Side view of a car

    ·Announced three directions for future mobility at CES 2017

    ·Formed alliance for development of fuel cell cars with twelve global players

    ·Launched IONIQ Plug-in model

    ·Unveiled Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Concept

    ·Launched Sonata New Rise model

    ·Launched new Grandeur Hybrid model

    ·Unveiled Genesis GV80 concept model

    ·i30 N competed in ADAC Zurich twenty-four-hour race

    ·Collaborated with Baidu, largest Internet service provider in China

    ·Launched Sonata New Rise Plug-In Hybrid model

    ·Developed server-type voice recognition technology

    ·Began production at plant in China

    ·Unveiled next-generation FCEV model

    ·Unveiled i30 N, first high-performance N model

    ·Launched Genesis G70 model

    ·Opened Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing

    ·Established Hyundai Cradle Open Innovation Center in Silicon Valley

    ·3.3 Lambda T-Gdi included in Ward’s Ten Best Engines

  • 2016

    Side view of a car


    ·Launched IONIQ eco-friendly hybrid car model

    ·Introduced Project IONIQ future mobility innovation program

    ·Launched Genesis EQ900 limousine

    ·Introduced development strategy for connected cars

    ·Announced collaboration with Cisco to develop connected cars

    ·Provided official vehicles for EURO 2016

    ·Began sales of Genesis G80 car model

    ·Opened Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam

    ·Five models ranked first in customer satisfaction surveys in China

    ·Ranked thirty-fifth in Interbrand’s ranking of global brands

    ·Completed construction of plant in Cangzhou, China

    ·Launched Genesis G80 sports car

    ·Signed agreement for construction of big data center in Guìzhou Province, China

    ·Total number of exports over forty-year period reached 23,630,000 in 2016

    ·IONIQ received Five-star safety rating from European New Car Assessment Program

    ·1.4L turbocharged DOHC 4-cylinder motor named to Wards 10 Best Engines list

    ·IONIQ EV car model underwent daytime and night-time test driving trials in Las Vegas

  • 2015

    Side view of a car


    ·Unveiling of Sonata Plug-in Hybrid

    ·Established Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

    ·Participation of i20 in the WRC, achieving 2nd place in the Rally Sweden

    ·Launch of Sonata Turbo

    ·Launch of All-new Tucson

    ·Launch of mid-duty truck, All-new Mighty

    ·Demonstration of zero emission fuel cell electric bus

    ·Cumulative production by HMI surpasses 6 million units

    ·Launch of All-new Elantra

    ·Unveiling of High-Performance ‘N’ at Frankfurt Motor Show

    ·Cumulative sales in the U.S. surpass 10 million units

    ·Cumulative production in Russia surpasses 1 million units

    ·Launch of global luxury brand ‘Genesis’

    ·Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid named to Wards 10 Best Engines

    ·Launch of Genesis G90

  • 2014

    Side view of a car


    ·All-new Genesis wins the 2014 iF Design Award

    ·All-new Genesis and i10 win the Red Dot Design Award

    ·Unveiling of HED-9 Intrado at the Geneva International Motor Show

    ·Launch of the All-new Sonata

    ·All-new Genesis wins the highest safety score in NHTSA history

    ·Established Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul

    ·Official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    ·Cumulative production by HAOS surpasses 1 million units

    ·Participation of i20 in the WRC, achieving 1st place in Rally Deutschland

    ·Unveiling of new i20 for Europe

    ·Official sponsor of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games

    ·Selected as one of the top 40 Global Brands

    ·Cumulative global sales of Avante (Elantra) surpass 10 million units

    ·Genesis ranked highest in the Residual Value Awards in the U.S.

    ·i20 awarded ‘Indian Car of the Year’

    ·Launch of new Sonata Hybrid

    ·Tucson (ix35) Fuel Cell engine named ‘10 Best Engines Winners’ by Ward’s Auto

  • 2013

    Side view of a car

    ·World Rally Championship (WRC) Team launched

    ·Launch of Grandeur Hybrid

    ·No.2 in Autobild’s (Germany) 2013 Quality Satisfaction Report

    ·i10 awarded Indian Car of the Year 2014

    ·Beijing Hyundai sales in China surpass 1 million units / year

    ·Launch of All-new Genesis

    ·Two Hyundai models ranked highest in the Residual Value Awards in the U.S.

    ·Ranked Most Valuable Car Brand in the U.S.

    ·Launch of New i20 at the International Automobile Ausstellung

    ·ix35 (Tucson) fuel cell electric vehicles supplied to the City of Copenhagen

    ·Hyundai’s Centennial named Best Luxury Full-Sized Car for 2 years in a row

    ·Genesis ranked No.1 in Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (Auto Pacific) - Aspirational Luxury Car in the U.S.

    ·Launch of MISTRA at the 2013 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

    ·Sonata ranked Most Dependable Midsize Car in the U.S.

    ·World’s 1st mass production of ix35 (Tucson) fuel cell electric vehicles

    ·Santa Fe selected as the 2013 Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year

    ·Unveiling of HCD-14, premium sports sedan concept car at the North American International Auto Show

    ·Unveiling of HND-6, next generation smart car concept car at the CES

    ·Named No.1 brand and No.1 car in 4 vehicle categories (Equus, Genesis Coupe, etc.) in Strategic Vision’s Total Value Awards

    ·Launch of Maxcruz

    ·Cumulative sales in the U.S. surpass 8 million units

    ·Launch of Hyundai Motorsport

    ·Unveiling of electronically controlled AWD HTRAC

    ·Cumulative production by HMI surpass 5 million units