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Road to Busan

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A personal and sustainable journey.

· More than 18.000 Km from Gran Canaria to Busan
· An adventure travelling around more than 20 countries
· Thousands of stories to tell and 0 emissions

A personal challenge to show the world that when we have a dream, however unattainable it may seem it is in our hands to make it come true.

A family story to be fulfilled. A 100% electric car.
This is how Road to Busan was born.


22 Countries | More than 18.000 kms | 0 emissions

The route will start in the Port of Gran Canaria and will continue through Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechstenstein, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan China and South Korea.

Three continents will witness the journey of Yuna and the 100% electric Hyundai Kona to show that we can enjoy our passage through the world without polluting.

The perfect combination

Travel with us in this adventure!