What if you could change the world?

This is the story of Debra, María, Ilaria, David, Kevin, BTS… but above all, this is your story. And it is no coincidence that IONIQ starts with “I”. Dedicated entirely to electric vehicles, the new IONIQ brand has been created for conscious consumers who want to be in charge of a brighter, more sustainable future. Empowering all of us to say: I’m in charge.

IONIQ empowers everybody to say: I’m in charge.

Change is a big word we often associate with climate, peace, or politicians, forgetting that everything big once started on a smaller scale. Who can stop our impact on nature? Who can make the shift to green energy? Who can control time? Actually, it’s you. Given your opportunity to make changes, you can choose to move towards progress or turn the other way and regress.

You’re in charge. You can change the way we live together for the better – with IONIQ offering us a new way of moving, ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow, where individuals are at the center. More than taking us from A to B, the new electric line-up connects individuals with solutions that benefit the many.


Under the motto “I’m in charge”, the new IONIQ campaign is a wake-up call for us all to realize that everything we do affects others – and we have the power to do good. With a whole electric line-up, charging solutions and connectivity features that empower everyone to move in our own way – more sustainably.

The new IONIQ brand.

dedicated entirely to electric vehicles, the new IONIQ brand has been designed for conscious consumers that want to be in charge of a brighter, more sustainable future .

I'm in charge.

With IONIQ, you have the power to make informed decisions about your way of life – without ignoring the impact on the world. It’s a chance to take responsibility, do the right thing and to not just drive an electric car, but to live electric.

The inspiration.

The word IONIQ is a fusion of two words – ion and unique. An ion has low mass and high mobility; electricity transforms into energy and power when two positively charged ions flow.

The Hyundai IONIQ.

In 2016, Hyundai released the IONIQ, the world’s first car with three electrified powertrains, Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid and pure electric, offering consumers the option to choose an eco-friendly vehicle that fits their needs.

Three new dedicated electric vehicles.

Over the next three years, Hyundai will introduce the IONIQ 5, 6, and 7, covering a diverse range of body-types to suit your lifestyle.

Coming soon...

With a progressive CUV body type and a re-imagined "smart living room" interior, The IONIQ 5 will be the first model to be revealed. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates and offers.

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