Ready for Season 2?

Are We There Yet? is a podcast from Hyundai Motor that explores the innovations emerging from the workshops, labs, and secret test-tracks of Hyundai. We recently wrapped up season one and would like to introduce the podcast’s second season.

  1. Go behind the scenes.

    In each episode of Are We There Yet?, we go behind the scenes of Hyundai’s workshops, labs, and secret test tracks to investigate the innovations emerging there. For the second season, we're expanding our scope to include even more of our partners and collaborators.
  2. Our host.

    Suzi Perry, British motorsport presenter and former Gadget Show, has returned to host the bi-weekly podcast. She will invite a breadth of interviewees, including the minds driving Hyundai forward and the external guests working closely with the company to promote its vision.
  3. A broad range of diverse guests.

    Are We There Yet? sees a broad range of interesting guests – from divers traversing Europe to convince businesses to act more sustainability to a world-renowned automobile designer shaping the face of Hyundai. Stream the latest episode below and subscribe to Are We There Yet? wherever you get your podcasts.