Advocate for a sustainable life.

Hyundai Team Century member Ella Mills is a best-selling author and the founder of deliciously ella, a plant-based food and wellness platform dedicated to sharing delicious ways to feel better – while taking easy, everyday steps toward a sustainable future.

About Ella Mills

Delicious meals that are good for you – and the planet.

As a member of Team Century, Ella Mills wants to inspire you to experiment with plant-based meals, to have an impact not just on your wellbeing, but also toward a sustainable future. The way we eat has a direct impact on the environment around us. Eating plant-based food regularly can significantly reduce your environmental impact – and with the right preparation, it can also be delicious and healthy.
  1. Making healthy eating delicious.

    Her website, deliciously ella, was created to help herself and others to fall in love with plant-based food and make healthy eating tasty and accessible.
  2. An advocate for healthy living.

    Today, Ella is an award-winning author and an advocate of healthy, plant-based living – and what started out as a recipe blog has grown into a whole business.
  3. Evolved into a business.

    Today the business includes a restaurant, plant-based food products, an app, bestselling recipe books, a podcast, and a growing social media community.
  4. For a big audience.

    Ella has amassed a social media audience of over three million people, with a popular podcast that’s had a further twenty-five million downloads.

    Hyundai Team Century Member.

    Ella is the nutritional coach of Hyundai's Team Century and wears the number 27. She is also an award-winning cookery author, entrepreneur, and champion of plant-based living, whose nutritional goals support human health and global sustainability. 


    Ella's motivation comes from her community, nothing makes her prouder than hearing what a huge difference deliciously ella has made to their life. Her long-term goal is to grow this effect as far and wide as they can and keep helping millions of people in improving their health and wellbeing.

    Ella's Vision

    Feel better while helping the planet.

    Ella's vision is to change the way we eat: more plants, for more people, more of the time. It’s about making simple changes – trying meat-free Monday, incorporating an extra portion of fruit or veg into each meal and cutting back on animal protein intake. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but if we move closer to a plant-based diet, we help support sustainable options for the future.

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    “Adopting a plant-based diet is the single most impact action you can take as an individual to improve the health of the planet.”

    - Ella Mills -

    Interview with Ella Mills.


    Dinner, as it’s a time to sit down and catch up with my family. I love the power that food has to bring us together. My go-to’s are simple, but delicious meals. I love our one-pan veggie orzo with butter beans, lemon juice and fresh basil. I make our walnut and mushroom ragu a lot too, and our spicy peanut noodles with fried tofu and quick pickled chillies.

    It varies, but usually porridge or granola with coconut yoghurt and black coffee for breakfast with my children in the morning, before they go to nursery and I head to work. Lunch is usually leftovers in the office, we’re always testing new recipes so there’s a lot of food going around! Today we had a rainbow orzo salad, a blueberry loaf and a new creamy scrambled tofu with sourdough. Snacks tend to be our peanut oat bar or chocolate dipped almonds. Dinner varies, sometimes we go out to eat, other times we make a delicious dinner at home.

    1. Start slowly, it’s not all or nothing. Often when we make massive changes we set ourselves up for failure, it’s too much too soon and it becomes overwhelming. Think about changing the way you eat over months and years, not days and weeks. Could you try one plant-based meal this week?

    2. Make sure you enjoy it. For anything to be sustainable it has to be enjoyable. Ensure every meal is delicious and you’re cooking foods that you truly love, rather than forcing something on yourself.

    3. Think about flavour – lots of fried garlic, herbs and spices, soy sauce, miso, harissa – bold flavours are fantastic.


    Shopping at farmers markets can be brilliant for inspiration, the food always looks that bit more delicious and it’s all seasonal, so it’s easy to make seasonal choices. 


    I hate the concept of ‘guilty pleasure’, it’s an oxymoron. If something is genuinely pleasurable then it shouldn’t come with the negative association of guilt. Life is all about balance, you’ve just got to find the right balance to feel satisfied, energised, and healthy.


    I’m very conscious of what I buy. It’s not easy with children, as they often need new clothes, but I buy very little. I’m passionate about buying beautiful, timeless clothes that I’ll still be wearing a decade for now, versus fast fashion. I treat myself to a few new things a year, and most days I’m wearing items that I’ve had for at least the last five years.

    Ella Mills on Team Century.

    I’m passionate about Team Century’s goal to unite people around a sustainable approach to our future.

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