Financial incentives for going electric.

Reducing your carbon footprint is probably your biggest incentive for driving an electric car. Or maybe it's their impressive performance. On top of those, most European countries and many regional and local governments incentivise your electric choice with grants and benefits. Talk to your local Hyundai dealer and they will explain the benefits that apply to your region.

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    Purchase incentives.

    Most European countries grant an incentive to private persons buying an electric car (fully-electric, plugin-hybrid or fuel-cell-powered). These incentives can be as high as 10.000 Euros for battery-electric or fuel-cell-powered cars and 3.750 Euros for plug-in hybrid cars. The car you are buying has to be on the list of approved models in your country. On top, some countries reward Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) with an extra 100 Euros. These systems warn pedestrians and cyclists when an electric vehicle approaches at a low speed.

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    Cashback for installing one at home.

    You might also get some money back for installing a wallbox at home. This depends heavily on where in Europe you live. In North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), for example, you can get up to 1.000 Euros for installing a wallbox while you won't get any cashback in Hamburg. To benefit from this incentive you need to apply for it at your local municipality or energy supplier. You can do this before or after the installation, but there is no guarantee that you will get the incentive.
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    Tax breaks.

    In many European countries, you don't have to pay vehicle tax for up to ten years when you choose a zero-emission car like the KONA Electric or the IONIQ Electric. Yes, that is 100% less than you paid before or would have to pay if you chose a similar size car with a conventional engine. No need to apply for anything, just drive your electric car and enjoy your tax break.
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    Charging stations and company cars.

    Many European countries provide financial support for businesses and organisations towards the up-front costs of installing a charging station in their carpark. To further encourage both businesses and workers to choose low-emission vehicles, some governments have chosen to reduce or even completely waive company-car taxes.
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    Local benefits.

    There are many other small benefits for owners of electric vehicles such as reduced parking or congestion fees. For example, the costly congestion charge that applies to the city centre of London is waived for anyone driving a vehicle that emits 75g/km or less of C0₂.
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Many ways to benefit.

As an early adopter, you can benefit from a variety of incentives. It's worth talking to your local Hyundai dealer now to maximize your savings and reimbursements.
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