Why should I drive an electric vehicle?

There are many reasons to choose an EV over a traditional automobile, so we’ll start with the most obvious: the environment.

Over their service life, EVs have lower carbon emissions than vehicles that rely on petrol or diesel alone and therefore, make less of an impact on global CO2 levels. For example, the KONA Electric produces zero emissions while providing a driving range of 449 km with the 64kWh Battery option (WLTP).  Especially if you use your car every day, an EV can really help you to lower your individual carbon footprint.

  1. Carbon Footprint

    Can be reduced

  2. Operating Costs

    Can be reduced

  3. Maintenance Costs

    Can be reduced

    There are also financial benefits in making the switch to EV. While the purchase of an EV can be more expensive than the average automobile, the operating costs are typically lower. On average, the overall cost to keep an EV running can be considerably cheaper than the cost of fuel. Furthermore, BEVs in particular, have only a fraction of the moving parts that a conventional automobile has, meaning in many cases a reduced maintenance cost. With fewer parts, there is a smaller chance of something breaking down and needing expensive repairs. When you combine this with the multiple government incentives available in Europe, such as tax benefits, free parking and more, switching to an EV can be an attractive offer.

    On top of the environmental and financial benefits, driving an EV is also a lot of fun. BEVs for example, don’t have multi-gear transmissions, which means an immediate and smooth power response as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator. Once you take your EV for a spin for the first time, you’ll wonder why you haven’t switched sooner.

    It's no secret that the future of mobility is electrified.

    And we are driving that future. While some car brands just announce sustainable cars, Hyundai’s e-mobility vehicles have been leading the way for years. And we won’t stop here. Next awaits.

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