How far can I drive?

Just as there is a range of factors that affect an ICE’s fuel efficiency, the total electric driving range will be affected by the size of the battery, your driving style, the outside temperature, any passengers you are carrying and more.

With the largest battery option, the KONA Electric has a total range of 449km (WLTP). That’s enough to get you from Frankfurt to Munich, or from Florence to Rome.  

Planning a road trip with an EV? If you are driving a full-electric vehicle, it’s important to plan your route ahead of time, so you can have a nice cup of coffee at a rest stop that has high-speed DC Fast charging stations. And to make it easy, on-board systems like Hyundai’s Live Services show you real-time charging station information such as location, connector types, and availability so you can find a charge quickly and easily.

The IONIQ Plug-in can drive about 50 kilometres on electric power alone before switching over to the petrol engine, more than the average European commute!

As with a conventional automobile, another important deciding factor to the range of your EV is your driving style. The faster and more aggressive you drive, the quicker the battery will be depleted. In addition, if you are driving up steep inclines, the EV will require more power and the battery will need to be charged earlier.

It's no secret that the future of mobility is electrified.

And we are driving that future. While some car brands just announce sustainable cars, Hyundai’s e-mobility vehicles have been leading the way for years. And we won’t stop here. Next awaits.

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