Looking good, living even better.

H-1 vans offer both style and huge versatility. A 6-seater window van provides a plenty of space for luggage, while a 3-seater panel van allows room for up to 800kg of cargo.

Move it your way.

Getting gear in and out of an H-1 van is easy thanks to a range of carefully thought out features. Twin rear and sliding side doors open up for easy loading and unloading from all sides. The Hyundai H-1 range offers generous interior dimensions with wide door openings for easy storage of goods or access for rear passengers. And for more safety, the cargo partition panel keeps passengers and cargo securely separated.
  1. The double swing rear dors of the Hyundai H-1.

    Double swing rear doors.

    No matter what you need to transport, the roomy cargo area and the optional twin opening rear doors make loading and unloading nice and easy.
  2. The cargo space partition panel of the Hyundai H-1.

    Cargo space partition panel.

    The cargo space partition panel helps prevent driver and passenger injury caused by shifting cargo loads during a crash or sudden stop. Enjoy work area visibility from the passenger cabin through a window featuring an additional protection bar.
  3. Protection bars on the windows of the cargo room of the Hyundai H-1.

    Window protection bars.

    Safety first. Protection bars are available for the rear windows to ensure glass and load safety when transporting cargo.
  4. The cargo room of Hyundai H-1 offers up to 4426 liters of cargo volume.

    Cargo room.

    Configured as 2/3 seater, the H-1 offers 4426 liters of cargo volume. As a 5/6 seater, you can still count on a generous 2511 liters of a cargo space.