Refinement throughout.

Whether you’re driving the family or transporting passengers and luggage to their destination, all occupants deserve comfort, space and safety as well as the convenience you would expect from a large people carrier.


Power, refinement and reliability.

The new Hyundai H-1 line-up is available with two different diesel engines. Both engines comply with Euro 6d temp.

2.5 CRDi Diesel Engine with WGT.

The 2.5 CRDi diesel engine with WGT produces a maximum 170 ps at 3,600 rpm while its peak torque rating of 441 Nm is reached at 2,000 ~ 2,250 rpm.

2.5 CRDi Diesel Engine.

The 2.5 CRDi diesel engine produces a maximum 136 ps at 3,600 rpm while its peak torque rating of 343 Nm is reached at 1,500 ~ 2,500 rpm.


More convenience. Less stress.

The H-1 is available with a wide range of clever convenience features that add to your driving comfort. A lot of thought has gone into creating a vehicle that’s as easy to use as possible.

Folding key.

Perfect for your pocket. The shaft of the key folds into the fob when not in use, making it much more compact. Lock and unlock the doors at the push of a button.

Auto light control.

Nice and easy. When the light switch is in the AUTO light position, the taillights and headlights will be turned ON or OFF automatically depending on the amount of light outside the vehicle.


Protecting you and your loved ones.

The H-1 has been engineered to provide excellent active and passive protection for all occupants. The Electronic Stability Control system helps you maintain control during emergency braking by modulating both brake pressure and engine torque.