A well-rounded package.

From its exterior details to its interior comfort: The i10 combines dynamic looks with thoughtfully placed details.

It’s got the look.

Everything about the i10 makes a clear, confident impression.

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  1. Hyundai's signature cascading grille on the Hyundai i10.

    Cascading grille.

    The newly designed grille adopts the cascading profile that reflects the evolving Hyundai design direction.

  2. The sleek side mouldings on the Hyundai i10.

    Sleeker side mouldings.

    The side mouldings on the new i10 have been restyled to create a sleeker, more dynamic impression.

  3. The new rear bumper on the Hyundai i10.

    New rear bumper with contrasting insert.

    Setting the new i10 apart from the crowd is the sculpted rear bumper incorporating a black panel and new round rear fog lamps.

    Designed for convenience.

    On the Hyundai i10, thoughtful design ensures a comfortable ride and controls that are never out of reach.

    Photo of the Hyundai i10 with its rear sears folded down.

    Luggage space.

    Accommodate whatever you need to carry: The luggage capacity of 252 litres expands to a voluminous 1,046 litres when the rear seats are folded down.

    The instrument panel on the Hyundai i10.

    Instrument panel.

    The extremely clear instrument panel displays all important driving information using LCD and TFT technology.