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Hyundai offers you several attractive benefits:

By reserving, you obtain the right to order one of 2500 IONIQ 6 First Edition vehicles. Furthermore, Hyundai commits that you will receive your car as one of the first customers within the timeframe: March to April 2023. The IONIQ 6 First Edition offer is limited, and no further units will be made available once all 2500 have been sold. In addition to being one of the first in Europe, the IONIQ 6 First Edition comes with a unique combination of features and a range of exclusive interior and exterior styling elements, bundled into an attractive package. Additionally, IONIQ 6 First Edition includes a free one-year subscription to the IONITY high-power charging network with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW. You benefit from maximum charging speeds and short charging sessions while always being provided with 100% renewable energy for both emission-free and carbon neutral driving.

For more information on the IONIQ 6 First Edition, you can find the detailed equipment list under this [LINK] or you can the download the full vehicle details as a PDF.  (or Link to page?)

Hyundai is an established & experienced EV brand in Europe and we offer a wide range of electric vehicles. More information regarding Hyundai's commitment to E-mobility can be found here: Electrification

To learn more about IONITY, and the various charging opportunities available, including the Charge my Hyundai service, please follow the link here.

You can access your free one-year IONITY subscription by registering for Charge myHyundai with the VIN of your IONIQ 6 First Edition until Dec 31, 2023.

Reservation and Pre-Sales Process.

The IONIQ 6 First Edition pre-sales campaign provides you the opportunity to receive one of the 2500 limited edition vehicles, based on the given specifications. On the 9th of November 2022 at 10:00 AM, we are opening the pre-sales process for all customers. As a first step, you can select your preferred paint out of the four available colors on on the IONIQ 6 First Edition page. With the Cl!ck to Buy button you then save the configuration in your account. In the next step, you start the reservation process by requesting an offer. You can select your preferred dealer from the list of participating dealers, select your accessories, add your trade-in, personal details and preferred delivery method. Once you have submitted your request via Cl!ck to Buy, you will be informed within five minutes if a car is reserved for you or if you are on the waiting list. Only prospects who have a reservation status have the option to purchase one of the First Edition vehicles. Your selected dealer will send you a personalized offer. In case of acceptance, the purchase order can be finalized via Cl!ck to Buy or at the showroom of your selected dealer. Once, you have finalized your order, the vehicle will be assigned to you.

The IONIQ 6 First Edition is exclusively limited to a total of 2500 units. This number is split into 625 Biophilic Blue Pearl, 575 Serenity White Pearl, 650 Nocturne Grey Pearl and 650 Gravity Gold Matte, provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Once all 2500 vehicles have been reserved, your request will be assigned to the waiting list. This does not entitle you to purchase an IONIQ 6 First Edition, but there is a probability that your request come into place. When someone withdraws from their reservation or does not accept the proposal from their selected dealer in time, the next person on the waiting list (for the chosen color) will be contacted and will get the opportunity to purchase the vehicle.

As this is a limited edition vehicle, it is only possible to reserve a single vehicle for each person registered on our website.

The online reservation for the IONIQ 6 First Edition is for individuals only. Please note that re-sellers are excluded.

In order to enable a fair chance to every single customer, the reservation can only be completed online via Cl!ck to Buy. If your local dealer is a participating dealer, you can select that dealership in your request. After your reservation is confirmed and you have received your personalized offer, you can finalize the purchase order via Cl!ck to Buy or in the showroom of your selected dealer.

Once you have submitted your request, you will be informed of a validated reservation status via email within five minutes (and in parallel to your Cl!ck to Buy account).

Your reservation status indicates if a car is reserved for you, which will give you the option to purchase a vehicle – or if you are on the waiting list and you would need to wait until a purchase opportunity becomes available for you.

Once you have received confirmation of your reservation via email, an IONIQ 6 First Edition is reserved exclusively for you. However, it will take a few more days before the final technical data for your vehicle will be available. Afterwards, your selected dealership will send you a personalized offer via Cl!ck to Buy. In case of acceptance, the purchase order can be finalized via Cl!ck to Buy or in the showroom of your selected dealer. Once, you have finalized your order, the vehicle will be assigned to you.

The reservation is specific to one individual only. This right is not transferable.

Once the car is reserved for you, there is no possibility to change the specification of your IONIQ 6 First Edition. Should you wish to change your specification, you will have to cancel your existing reservation and proceed with a new reservation. Please note that this may result in losing your option to purchase a Hyundai IONIQ 6 First Edition.

If you change your mind, you can cancel the reservation or remove yourself from the waiting list anytime.

The online reservation itself is not a direct order or purchase, but instead offers you the exclusive right to purchase the car. The online reservation can be cancelled free of charge at any time before the finalization of the purchase order.

Within Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy we only offer you a cash purchase, but this doesn’t mean that there are no financing options available. Your selected dealer would be pleased to offer you a finance product that meets your personal needs. Please get in touch with your selected dealer to discuss further details on the financing options available.

During the reservation process, you can enter the details of your current car. Your selected dealer will then provide you with a proposal. Before placing the order, you can decide if you want to trade-in your current vehicle or purchase the IONIQ 6 First Edition without a trade-in.

Delivery and Payment.

The IONIQ 6 First Edition will be delivered in Europe within the timeframe March to April 2023.

After your purchase order is finalized via Cl!ck to Buy or at the showroom of your selected dealer, you will be able to view the production and logistic stages including an estimated time of arrival.

No, there is no payment required for the reservation request or for finalization of the purchase order.

Once the purchase order is finalized, your selected dealer will contact you separately to inform you about the payment options and methods. Payment of the vehicle is required prior to the vehicle delivery.