A powerful presence.

Eyes will be caught and heads will turn when they encounter an SUV body designed with a motorsport spirit. From the sculpted exterior with its wide, confident stance and N-exclusive accents to the performance-oriented interior with race-game inspired graphics in the head-up display, cluster and touchscreen: The KONA N design speaks of dynamic performance and an all-around fun driving experience.


Confident without compromise.

For the very first time, the Hyundai N division and Hyundai Design Center worked together to develop an SUV body type. The result: a powerful presence combining the modern design of the KONA with the bold and dynamic language shared by all N models. Understated design elements with N-exclusive red accents, body-coloured claddings, and 19-inch wheels bring out the KONA N's wide, confident stance.


    1. Hyundai KONA N hot SUV seen from the front.

      The front.

      An exclusive front grille design, with its dedicated mesh, an integrated N logo, and the aggressive light signature complete the KONA N's powerful front-on appearance.

    2. Hyundai KONA N hot SUV seen from the side.

      The side.

      The sporty silhouette is emphasised by a low-ride height, N exclusive forged wheels, an N logo on the wheel cap, and an exclusive side sill in red with an engraved N logo.

    3. Hyundai KONA N hot SUV seen from the rear.

      The rear.

      A large double-wing roof spoiler with the iconic brake light adds the N spice. The red accent line and two large exhaust mufflers emphasise the KONA N performance spirit.

      A brand new exterior colour.

      For the launch of the KONA N, Hyundai developed a new exterior colour: Sonic Blue, set between white and light grey, tinted with Performance Blue. The exclusive new colour complements and contrasts with the other red, dark grey, and glossy black exterior design elements, giving the KONA N a sporty new look.

      The power of choice.


      Race-inspired control, everyday comfort.

      If you love driving, you will love taking charge of your KONA N from the moment you slide into the race-car bucket seat. Every detail is designed to provide effortless command: from steering and shifting to constant performance monitoring.

      1. Driver and passenger sport seats inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

        Sports bucket seats.

        Feel like a race-car driver in these sports seats with pronounced side bolsters for excellent lateral support, leather accents, and blue stitching. They are available in cloth, leather, and suede.
      2. 10.25" digital cluster inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

        10.25" digital cluster.

        Hyundai's latest cluster design will be applied to KONA N. Its racing game-inspired graphics are N-exclusive.
      3. 10.25" touchscreen with Performance Driving Data System on display inside a Hyundai KONA N

        10.25" touchscreen.

        The audio-visual navigation system also has an upgraded graphic design and racing-inspired functions such as g-force indicator and lap-timer.
      4. Ambient light in the footwell and centre console inside a Hyundai KONA N

        Ambient light.

        New ambient light technology illuminates the redesigned centre console and footwell, enhancing the sleek character of the interior.
      5. Performance Head-Up Display (HUD) inside a Hyundai KONA N

        Performance Head-Up Display (HUD).

        The KONA N is our first performance car with an HUD. In Sport or N mode it brings up performance data such as RPM, speed, and shift indicator in special N graphics.
        Sunroof of the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV


        The KONA N offers a power tilt-and-slide sunroof. Enjoy the view and the wind in your hair when you are taking your car on an adventure.