Our true 'hot SUV'.

KONA N combines the fun-to-drive experience of a hot hatch with the versatility of an SUV: You'll appreciate its powerful engine and sound experience, and benefit from the perfect size and practicality for urban life, including an extensive list of safety features.


Motorsport power on the road. And off.

The KONA N brings the excitement of N to the SUV. N means more than the 280 PS flat power engine or the 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. It means performance features such as launch control, the N corner carving differential, and the N Grin Control System with five drive modes (including a customizable one). Experience them all, in any driving condition and on all kinds of terrains.
  1. Detail of the turbo engine inside the Hyundai KONA N true hot SUV

    Turbocharged engine.

    The 2.0 T-GDI engine delivers 280 PS and a substantial increase in flat power for more torque and power at lower RPMs, improving responsiveness, acceleration, and fun.

  2. Transmission of the Hyundai KONA N true hot SUV

    8-speed dual-clutch transmission.

    The quick-shifting automatic wet-type 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (N DCT) also lets you select gears manually for when you crave more race car energy.

  3. Race personnel in coveralls and helmet, checking the tyres of the KONA N hot SUV

    High-performance tyres.

    The tailor-made Pirelli P Zero tyres are the same ones being used by Hyundai teams in the World Rally Championship.

    1. Schematic of the Hyundai N Corner carving differential.

      N Corner carving differential.

      The Electronic limited-slip differential (e-LSD) mechanically controls the power transfer to each front wheel. It improves steering and stability in high speed turns.

    2. Schematic of the Hyundai traction control

      Traction control.

      Traction control empowers the KONA N to perform in rough conditions (it almost feels like 4WD). Select between four different modes (DEEP SNOW, SNOW, MUD and SAND).

    3. Schematic of the Hyundai Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

      Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

      ESC stabilises the vehicle during cornering manoeuvres. If needed, the system applies the brakes at individual wheels and intervenes in the engine management system.

    4. Schematic of the Hyundai power steering

      Power steering.

      The rack-mounted motor driven power steering system (R-MDPS) provides stability to the vehicle at high speeds and makes the car instantly responsive when it's going slower.

    5. Schematic of the Hyundai Electronic Controlled Suspension.

      Electronic Controlled Suspension.

      Influence the stiffness of the suspension with the push of a button and optimise the vehicle’s response for various driving situations, on the road or at the racetrack.

    6. Schematic of the Hyundai N Power Sense Axle.

      N Power Sense Axle.

      With enhanced stiffness and reduced weight, the front axle sends fast and precise feedback to the driver, improving grip and providing a more intuitive driving experience.

      Infographic displaying performance data of the Hyundai KONA N.
      Fuel consumption (combined test cycle) for the Hyundai KONA N 2.0 T-GDi 280 PS in l/100 km: 8.5; CO2 emissions (combined test cycle) in g/km: 194 (WLTP). All WLTP-Values here.

      Turbocharged 2.0-litre T-GDi engine.

      With a power output of 280 PS and a max torque of 392 Nm, the engine features flat power that provides more torque and power at mid and high-range RPMs.

      N DCT transmission.

      N DCT is the enhanced version of Hyundai's 8DCT, an 8-speed, wet-type transmission with two separated clutches for better acceleration and a faster upshift. N improvements allow it to handle the demands of high-performance vehicles. N DCT applies unique gear ratios, allowing the 2.0-litre T-GDi engine to delivers its best possible performance.
      Portrait of Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing & Product at Hyundai Motor Europe.
      The addition of the N DCT allows us to expand on the N brand’s ‘Fun to Drive’ philosophy. By integrating it into the all-new KONA N, we’re enabling all sorts of high-performance driving features and turning the KONA N into a true ‘hot SUV.’

      - Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing & Product at Hyundai Motor Europe -

      N Grin Control System.

      Match your car to your mood – At the push of a button, the N Grin Control System lets you choose between five distinct drive modes to match your mood. The different modes adjust the parameters of the engine, suspension, steering, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), exhaust sound, N Corner Carving Differential (e-LSD), transmission.
      Hyundai KONA N driving on a race track at sunset.

      Launch Control.

      Accelerate with authority: Launch Control prevents tyre slippage and ensures optimal traction when you perform a powerful start.
      Metal pedals inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV.

      Creep on/off.

      Accelerate with precision: When creep is turned “off” and the car is in gear D, the car does not automatically roll when you release the brake pedal.

      Uncompromised SUV driving.

      In addition to its racetrack capabilities, the KONA N is at heart still an SUV. An extensive list of ride and handling features result in uncompromised SUV driving abilities.
      1. Detail of the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV front bumper

        High-performance braking system.

        Enlarged air intakes on the car’s front bumper, high friction calliper material, a lower arm guide, and a heat shield maximise brake performance.

      2. Hyundai KONA N driving on an unpaved road in an open landscape

        Body rigidity.

        Passive safety is increased by enhanced body rigidity. Extra welding points, improved strut ring structure, and reinforced skeleton protect passengers in a collision.

      3. Details of the 19" forged wheels, red callipers, and body-coloured fenders on the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

        19-inch forged wheels.

        With specially developed tyres that deliver maximum grip mounted on lightweight 19-inch forged alloy wheels, the KONA N offers excellent performance on various surfaces.


        Safely explore performance boundaries.

        Set your mind at ease while you push your KONA N to the limit. Hyundai SmartSense protects you and your passengers with the very latest safety and driving assist features.
        1. Rear Cross-traffic Collision-avoidance Assist (RCCA).

          When reversing out of areas with low visibility, the system not only warns the driver if vehicles approach from the side – it also applies the brakes automatically.

        2. Blind Spot Collision-avoidance Assist (BCA).

          Using two radar sensors in the lower rear bumper, the system warns you of traffic in the blind spot area. Should you set the turn indicator in such a situation, it will sound an acoustic alert and brake to prevent a collision.

        3. Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA).

          Sensing the road ahead with a camera and radar sensor, the FCA system automatically brakes when it detects sudden braking by the car ahead or pedestrians and bicycles on the road.

        4. Lane Following Assist (LFA).

          KONA N features Lane Following Assist (LFA). When activated, it keeps the car centred in its lane at speeds between 0 and 200 km/h on highways and city streets.

        5. Smart Cruise Control (SCC).

          Maintain a set distance to the vehicle ahead, as SCC automatically reduces or increases your speed to a pre-set level.

        6. Lead Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA).

          Lead Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA) for city driving alerts the driver when the vehicle in front departs from an idle state, like at a stoplight or in a traffic jam.

        7. Intelligent Speed Limit Warning (ISLW).

          Recognizes road speed signs and displays the speed limit and no-passing signs in real-time in both the navigation system display and instrument cluster.

        8. Safe Exit Warning (SEW).

          Prevents an accident when the car is parked, another car is approaching from the rear side, and a passenger attempts to open the door. A warning light also appears on the cluster to alert the driver of the potential danger.

        9. Driver Attention Warning (DAW).

          Continuously monitors and analyses driving patterns through data inputs to detect fatigue or distraction. The driver is alerted with an audible warning and pop-up message to suggest when it is time to take a break.

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        Baby sucking on a bottle, strapped into a child seet.

        Rear Seat Alert (RSA).

        RSA automatically alerts you if someone or something is left in the back seat before you leave the vehicle.
        eCall button in the ceiling of the Hyundai KONA N


        Easily contact emergency services at the press of a button. eCall also automatically alerts first responders when the vehicle’s airbags are deployed.


        Expanding the boundaries of the Connected Car.

        N brings you more data for more control over your car and your driving experience, like HP, torque, turbo boost and G-force as well as lap and acceleration timers. The 10.25” AVN touchscreen also displays exclusive N content, connects your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and gives you access to Hyundai’s state-of-the-art Bluelink services.
        1. Performance Head-Up Display (HUD) inside a Hyundai KONA N

          Performance Head-Up Display (HUD).

          The HUD projects navigation, safety, and driving information onto a transparent screen so you can keep your eyes on the road.
        2. 10.25" cluster inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

          10.25’’ digital N cluster.

          Created with the N driver in mind, the digital cluster lets you keep an eye on the driving stats gives you instant feedback on torque and turbo boost.
        3. 10.25" high definition touchscreen inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

          High definition 10.25" touchscreen.

          Apart from the Performance Driving Data System, the Audio-Visual Navigation System also connects to Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.
        4. 10.25" touchscreen with Performance Driving Data System on display inside a Hyundai KONA N

          Performance Driving Data System.

          Monitor and improve your track skills: The system saves and displays driving data, including PS, torque, turbo boost, lap, and acceleration timer.

          Bluelink® Connected Car Services.

          Bluelink® makes the everyday driving experience in a high-performance vehicle more convenient. Apart from Live Services and the Bluelink smartphone app, the KONA N is also equipped with additional voice recognition features. Drivers can activate and control features like climate, rear window and side mirror heating, as well as steering wheel heating through a simple voice command.
          The Hyundai Bluelink® Connected Car Services app.

          Control your car with your phone.

          Bluelink® delivers seamless connectivity and clever features to make your drive more convenient.


          Feel powerful and comfortable.

          The N focus on power and performance doesn't mean that you can't have outstanding convenience while you are pushing the boundaries of adventurous driving.
          1. Driver and passenger sport seats inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

            Heated and ventilated seats.

            Warm in winter and cool in summer. The driver and front seat passenger seats are available with seat heating and ventilation.

          2. Look inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

            Rear seat comfort.

            The rear passengers will appreciate the heated second-row seats and a convenient rear USB so they can charge their smartphone in comfort.

          3. Heated leather steering wheel with the N Grin Shift button inside the Hyundai KONA N hot SUV

            Heated steering wheel.

            Keep a firm grip on cold days: At the press of a button, the steering wheel will warm your hands.

            Hyundai N.

            KONA N is the latest addition to Hyundai’s growing high-performance N line-up. With technology inspired by motorsports, the N brand excels at delivering driving enthusiasm by providing racetrack capabilities and ‘corner rascal’ ride and handling in everyday sports cars.

              Discover more of the KONA N.

              Tyre information.

              Below you will find the information about the tyres which come with your Hyundai KONA N.