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    The new H-1

    5-year unlimited mileage warranty.
    -All-new headlamp and radiator grille
    -Powerful output 170ps

People on the move in style

H-1 is the answer when a regular, car-based station wagon is just not big enough. The strong, modern exterior is complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior. And because it’s a Hyundai, reliability and economy are part of the DNA.

Plenty of space and still room for more

There’s no denying the messages sent out by the muscular, purposeful looks of the H-1 Van. In the busy city and out in the boondocks, Hyundai’s latest van is the lifeblood of commerce. Packages to collect here and to deliver there, always against the clock, always with the utmost reliability. With a spacious cargo area, low running costs and high levels of refinement, this is the vehicle you told us you need. H-1. A trusty business partner.

The van with it all

The 3/6-seater H-1 is not just a sensible business tool. While it is primarily a practical, hard-working load-carrier, those seated up-front will appreciate the high degree of comfort and convenience that feature in a beautifully appointed passenger cabin. Behind, the cargo compartment is a giant box more than 1.585m long, 1.58m wide and 1.35m high (6-seater). For added convenience, there are sliding rear doors each side, and a flat floor. Let’s get to work!

Versatility is the latest fashion

The latest styles spill on to the street in the 3/6-seat versions, great-looking vehicles created for van buyers who regularly need extra passenger space. At the same time, the layout means there is still plenty of room in the back for cargo deliveries, professional working equipment, sports gear or holiday luggage. Cabin comfort and refinement of the type normally associated with passenger cars are complemented by full-length side windows. The combination makes this H-1 the right choice for a variety of work or leisure purposes.

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