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    IONIQ Electric

The Image may differ from the actual product.


IONIQ electric 8-inch-navigation

8-inch Display Audio

IONIQ’s nerve center does more than keep you on course and help find the nearest recharging station. It offers total smartphone connectivity through a simple-to-use touchscreen interface.

IONIQ electric electronic gear shift button

Shift by Wire

Drive-by-wire eliminates mechanical linkages to allow gear shifts with just a click of a button and includes a safety interlocking system. The parking brake is also push button-type.

 Electric Power Seat

Electric Power Seat

More comfortable with an electric power seat equipped with 2 memory seating positions and lumbar support which will make the trip more enjoyable.


Supervision Cluster with 7" Color LCD

All the important information from the car system is displayed so accurately in a full color graphic format that can only be applied with Supervision technology.