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Be Bold. Be Electric introduces IONIQ Electric and KONA Electric, pure electric cars from Hyundai.


Be the Part of the Future

Start an era of future mobility with Indonesia's first pure electric car with Hyundai. Batteries are used as rechargeable energy sources using external power sources, they should no longer require fuel and be environmentally friendly.

  • Using a Lithium lon Polymer-based battery, the battery on the IONIQ Electric has a capacity of 38.3 kWh and KONA Electric amounting to 39.2 kWh combined with a capacity of 38.3 kWh combined with an electric motor. Battery technology in electric car is very safe because it has 4 security measures.

    First on the outside using a special design in the form of a rigid cell architecture with a capable ceramic-coated separator withstand the impact in the core. Furthermore, it is equipped with a vehicle cooperative controller which is directly connected to the electric motor, so that it’s very responsive in case of a short circuit due to high voltage. Finally, the active protection feature on the battery management system can prevent the unwanted things to happen when it is charging, if there’s unusual event going on with the battery is detected, this system immediately turns off the electricity.

    In addition, this vehicle is also equipped with a Regenerative brake system; which allows the battery to be recharged independently with utilize kinetic power during braking. The use of this long-lasting battery, guaranteed for 8 years or 160.000 km, depending on which one is achieved first.

  • Feel the new sensation in driving. The brain behind all electric vehicle movement is the electric control power unit (EPCU), which makes the entire electrical and electronic system works in harmony. Electric motors are basically reliable because they are faster and simple when compared to conventional combustion engines. Using the shift gear button by wire drive which makes it easy to move transmissions at the click of a button. This technology allows electric power to be channeled directly to both wheels via a single speed reduction gear following the accelerator pedal.

    The torque rotation of an electric car is instant, making every pressure on the accelerator pedal immediately felt. Equipped with a permanent-magnet synchronous magnet, providing maximum torque of up to 395Nm on KONA Electric, and allows the IONIQ Electric to go from 0-100 km/hr in just 9.9 seconds.

  • Using the battery as the main energy source, makes electric vehicles purely free from emissions (zero-emission). Pure electric vehicle also 4x more efficient when compared to diesel and petrol engine vehicles, even still competitive when compared to
    even hybrid type vehicles because they do not require the cost of changing oil, engine, transmission etc.

    Based on the calculation of the cost of using electricity (R2-R3), IONIQ Electric and Kona Electric have an electrical efficiency of 0.138 kWh / Km and 0.150 kWh / Km, able to cover a distance of 311 km and 305 km (based on WLTP). In addition, pure electric vehicles also provide many advantages outside of technical matters, the user of the electric vehicles can enjoy free cost of transfer, a cheaper vehicle registration renewal fee compared to the other vehicles, also it is free from odd-even rules.

  • One of the advantages using batteries as the main energy source is the ease and flexibility of use.

    This vehicle is provided with the option of charging the battery; first, you can use the in-cable control box
    (ICCB)/portable charger specifically designed to be connected to standard sockets at homes and anywhere.

    Charging of this vehicle can also be done at any authorized Hyundai dealer. Currently, Hyundai also continues to work with partners to develop
    many self-filling locations. In addition, to make it easier to recharge electric vehicles, the government also has applications that can
    downloaded and used for free on the Google play store. Via the Charge application. This later, electric vehicle drivers can easily
    find out information about the position of the filling station that can be used.


-Available at any authorized Hyundai dealer
-Location of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU)

  • Free Roadside Assistance during warranty period (inapplicable for force majeure or accidents).

  • Free Mobile Charging Service during warranty period (applicable to certain areas).

  • Free Maintenance Cost 5 years/75,000 km (either one comes first).

  • High Voltage Battery Warranty 8 years/160,000 km (either one comes first).

  • Basic Warranty 3 years/100,000 km (either one comes first) .

*You can enjoy all these benefits when servicing at an authorized Hyundai dealer, according to the service interval times and following the table
periodic maintenance.