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World Expo 2030

BTS <Yet to Come>

Let’s show your support for 2030 BUSAN World Expo with taking picture at Hyundai Motorstudio, Senayan share to your Instagram feed to get a chance to win 30 exchange tickets for 15 winners (2 each) of BTS <Yet to Come> in BUSAN held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium on 15 October 2022.

Busan Expo

Busan Expo

BTS <Yet to Come> in BUSAN.


1. Visit Hyundai MotorStudio, Senayan Park and take a selfie or style with the World Expo 2030 BUSAN signage
2. Upload your photo to Instagram feed along with your support caption for Busan hosting World Expo 2030
3. Tag @hyundaimotorindonesia and tag one person you will go with to watch BTS in BUSAN
4. Use the hashtag #HyundaixBTSYetToComeinBusan #EXPO2030BUSAN #WorldExpo2030BUSANKOREA
5. Make sure you and your friends have followed the @Hyundaimotorindonesia account and your account is not private
6. You are able to participate from September 13 to September 20, 2022
7. 15 lucky winners (each get 2 ticket vouchers) will be announced on 22 September 2022 via Instagram story @hyundaimotorindonesia

Terms & Conditions

1. Apply for Indonesia citizen and make sure you’re having an ID or passport
2. Winners shall complete and give the data within the same day to HMID include 1 another person after announced
3. We only give away exchange ticket of of BTS in BUSAN, NOT INCLUDE flight, accommodation, and visa
4. Winners must show completed booking flight before 26 September 2022, and we will give exchange ticket of BTS in BUSAN that can be exchanged to the concert ticket at the venue.
5. If winners can’t show the completed booking flight before 26 September 2022, we may replace the winners.
6. Exchange ticket can’t be transferred to others, since it can only be exchanged at the venue with the name of announced winners.

I support!
World Expo 2030 BUSAN

Visit Hyundai Motorstudio and win your BTS tickets!