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CINTA Hyundai | Campaign | Hyundai Motors Indonesia

How to Play:

  • 1. Open myHyundai Indonesia app to register & access the game.
    2. Feel the exciting driving experience through test drive prior to joining the game.
    3. Don’t forget to follow Hyundai Motors Indonesia on Instagram (@hyundaimotorindonesia).
    4. Get your very own unique code after finishing the test drive.
    5. Fill the questionnaire that will pop up before you join the game.
    6. Play the game! It will cover Hyundai’s service, price, product competence & brand reliability.
    7. Later on, the score will pop out and will be transferred to leaderboard for drawing. From the score, you will get points that can be exchanged to myHyundai Indonesia coins.
    8. The winner will be announced on Hyundai’s Instagram & will be contacted by our team.

Exhibition locations:

  • 08-12 March 2023 : TSM Makassar - Atrium GF

    15-19 March 2023 : Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya - Atrium Tunjungan Plaza 3 Floor LG

    22-26 March 2023 : Paragon Mall Semarang - Front Atrium

Detailed Mechanism:

1. Visit and watch the Hyundai Mall Exhibition in your city.
2. Don't forget to download and register myHyundai Indonesia.
3. Make sure you have followed the Instagram account @hyundaimotorindonesia.
4. Take part in the exciting Test Drive held at the Hyundai Mall Exhibition and get the Unique Code.
5. Enter the Unique Code on the myHyundai Indonesia application on the CINTA Hyundai page, to get the opportunity to fly to Jakarta and visit Hyundai's best facilities.
6. After filling in the Unique Code, fill in the pop up questionnaire with why you want to travel with Hyundai to Jakarta and mention 3 people you want to take with you.
7. Play the CINTA Hyundai games and collect as many points as you can!
8. All points earned will be accumulated.
9. CINTA Hyundai event period runs from March 8, 2023 - April 16, 2023.
10. The 10 people with the highest points and the best stories will have the opportunity to travel to Jakarta with Hyundai.
11. Winners are allowed invite 3 family members or friends to fly to Jakarta with Hyundai.
12. Winners will be announced on April 17, 2023.
13. Winners cannot withdraw/cancel unilaterally.
14. The decision of the selected winner cannot be contested.