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Hari H: Harinya Hyundai, Beragam Aktivitas Seru di Kota Anda!

It is a special day Hyundai presents to all Indonesian families and youngsters. We can share happiness through all of exciting activities that we can do together. Have a lot of inspirations from our special collaboration with creators and artists.

With Hari H you get to enjoy, create and embrace
the better future.

Visit Hari H: Harinya Hyundai in your city.

  • Hari H: Makassar


    30 September - 1 Oktober 2023
    Parkir Barat, TSM Makassar.
  • Hari H: Medan


    7 - 8 Oktober 2023
    Parkir Area, Plaza Medan Fair.
  • Hari H: Jakarta


    14 - 15 Oktober 2023
    Premium Parkir Area, Gandaria City.