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Hyundai GIIAS 2022 | Hyundai Vision | Hyundai Motors Indonesia

  • Hyundai Vision.

    Hyundai Vision.

For the better live of all mankind,
a brand that aims for better progress.

Hyundai Motor is committed to carrying out environmentally friendly mobility and a sustainable future, in accordance with the Hyundai brand vision, which is called Progress for Humanity which is based on human values. Hyundai Motor believes that human values are able to strengthen the relationship between individuals to connect with each other and celebrate life together.

In realizing this vision, Hyundai Motors Indonesia represents it through a collaboration of artworks that are dominated by the play of colors and attractive visual forms with many media art collections. Some of them are
d'strict (Wave Flat), Shudder (Color Bubble, Feast of Colors, & Life and String), & BEAMMONSTER (Waterfall, Steps of the Future, The Growth of Dreams).

All of these collaborative works are displayed simultaneously through the Inspirational Media Wall LED installed at the Hyundai booth during the GIIAS 2022 event.