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Teaser Hyundai STARGAZER | MPV | Hyundai Motors Indonesia

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Exquisite Looks with Futuristic and Dynamic Design

The Hyundai STARGAZER's front view is enhanced with Horizontal DRL. Hyundai designed this DRL horizontal lamp with the design language of Indonesia, which is a country located on the equator.

The Hyundai STARGAZER is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) created specifically for Indonesia. The exterior features a design that is dynamic, expressive, and futuristic in design.


The future look at every glance.

At the rear, this MPV is also decorated with a Distinctive H Rear Lamp, which emphasizes that the STARGAZER is a product of Hyundai, even though it looks from a distance. In addition, the symmetrical H lamp symbolizes balance, unity, and harmony that connects Indonesia from the East to the West.


A Star in Every Journey that Always Attracts Attention.

Hyundai STARGAZER designed to be present as a vehicle with an attractive appearance as well as a solution to road conditions in Indonesia. The concept of the Sleek One Box typology with a one curve design that creates an aerodynamic profile gives the impression of a spacious interior.

Get Ready to Become the Spotlight with a Distinctive Looks.

Being in the spotlight for a gorgeous and charming look is no longer just a dream. Curious who looks like a role model in Omesh and Dian Ayu's family?

Hyundai STARGAZER coming soon!