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Eco Vehicles

Hyundai’s Commitment to Lead the Pollution-Free Mobility Era by Improving Fuel Efficiency and Seeking New Energy Possibilities.

Eco Vehicles Kona Electric main visual

We hope to pass on a beautiful environment for the next generation to breathe in pure air and enjoy driving cars in full efficiency and free-pollution environment. Hyundai committed on the development of eco-friendly automobiles, such as hybrids, plug-ins, electric vehicles, and fuel-cell electric vehicles.
Our vision is to be leaders in sustainability well into the future with lower-emission vehicles and a cleaner production process that will help preserve the environment. With continued efforts to position Hyundai as a global leader in electrification under the Strategy 2025, we focused on presenting the most desirable products and services for customers and accelerating the transition to clean mobility in the big market such as Indonesia.
Hyundai believed the mature EV ecosystem in the country would impact positively on the growth of the EV industry sector, including electricity, charging station, battery, EV parts, raw materials, among others. As we promised to be a lifetime partner in automobiles, we strive to bring future mobility for better Indonesia.


Our Commitment to Move Toward Connected, Free, and Clean Tomorrow

NEXO side vew

As we dedicated ourselves to preserve the environment, we understand that our world needs to move toward a cleaner, more connected, and more free tomorrow.
Along the way, we pour our dedication into NEXO as our masterpiece in fuel-cell electric vehicle. NEXO is the embodiment of our vision for a vehicle that co-exists with us and our environment, liberate us from constraints and make a big impression – without making a sound or leaving a mark.
The fuel-cell engine and hydrogen energy is the key to produce zero emissions and cleansing the air. As we put our belief into intelligence, efficiency, and clean water, we create NEXO’s hydrogen fuel cell engine that obtains electricity by mixing oxygen with compressed hydrogen to create a flow of electrons. It is intelligent, efficient, and only emits pure, clean water.
Our NEXO truly sets the standard for a zero-emissions future available today.

IONIQ Electric

IONIQ Electric side vew

Hyundai stated its commitment to strengthen and nurture Indonesia’s electric vehicle ecosystem, contributing to build better environment and increase its people's quality of life with its leadership in clean mobility technologies.
As the embodiment of its commitment, Hyundai collaborates with Grab Indonesia to bring eco-friendly mobility solutions to the country and launched the full electric IONIQ. Since January 2020, 20 units of Hyundai IONIQ electric has been operated by Grab Indonesia in Jakarta region
Hyundai IONIQ itself is the next generation of eco-friendly motoring by Hyundai with a compelling and extensive combination of innovation, sophistication, performance and style that is 100% electric.
This collaboration will further cultivate Hyundai’s support to build a sustainable environment and escalate its people’s quality in smart and clean mobility technologies for Indonesia’s EV ecosystem.